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Eid Mubarak!! Have you guys ever wanted to celebrate Eid al-Adha and do Qurban in Minecraft? Now Eid Pack (alAdha) is here for you!!

Recent Update


Animals for Qurban.

These animals aren't the same as vanilla, they don't spawn naturally but are obtained by buying them from cattle, adult or babies.

Cannot be bred.

Drop nothing when killed.


Feed the baby with wheat.

Goats: Screenshot


Feed the baby with wheat.

Cows: Screenshot


Feed the baby with cactus.

Camels: Screenshot


Items needed for qurban.


This is structure on item, the place where you'll buy the qurban animals.

There are 2 different cattles, the plains one and the desert.

Cattle: Screenshot 1

Cattle: Screenshot 2

Place the item on block then interact to build.

Cattle: Demonstration

You can get this item by trading with shepherds depending on the biome thhey're in.

Plains Shepherd

Plains Shepherd Trades

Desert Shepherd

Desert Shepherd Trades


Coins are used to buy qurban animals.


Coin Recipe


This item is used to drop the animals before being slaughtered.

Sneak and interact with animals using the rope.

Rope: Demonstration


Rope Recipe


This is used to slaughter and skin qurban animals.

Interact to the dropped animals to slaughter them.

Machete: Demonstration 1

Place water to remove the blood.

Interact to the body of animal hung with machete for skinning.

Machete: Demonstration 2


Machete Recipe

Blooded Machete

Blooded Machete

This item is obtained after slaughtering animals.


This is used to clean the blooded machete.

Interact with water bucket to fill the water, then interact with blooded machete to clean the machete.

Basin: Demonstration


Basin Recipe

Body Animals

Body Animals

Interact the body of animal that has been slaughtered to pick these items.

Meat Hook

This item is used to hang the body of animal that will be skinned and chop into pieces.

Interact with body animals to hang it.

Meat Hook: Demonstration


Meat Hook Recipe

Butcher Knife

This is used for chopping meat.

Hit the body of animal that has been skinned to chop the meat into pieces.

Butcher Knife: Demonstration


Butcher Knife Recipe

Camel Meat

Camel Meat

Dropped by chopping hanging camel.

Can be cooked into Cooked Camel Meat.



Keeper and seller of livestock in the cattle.

Cattleman: Screenshot

Interact to trade qurban animals with him.

Cattleman Trades


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You have to activate the experimental gameplay!!

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