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Modern Furniture | Stairs Update | 6.0 |

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Modern Furniture 🛋️ is a decoration add-on prepared for a survival world and for a creative game.

⭐⭐⭐Get more than 600 Furniture!⭐⭐⭐

What is it about?

The addon is about a collection of modern furniture to decorate your home, the addon has the purpose of not being so modern (not going beyond the parameters such as complex electronic devices or mechanics that break the game) or wanting to saturate your house with polygons, which be at the end of everything simple and beautiful.

How is it acquired?

It is mainly acquired by putting clay balls in the stone cutter, with absolutely all the furniture. What types of furniture

Modern Furniture addon logo

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Modern Furniture Updated

Modern Furniture LITE

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⭐New Blocks!⭐

New blocks in Modern Furniture v6 update

Usable Stairs have been added! These new stairs will allow us to use them like a normal game stair. Besides we have added canvases, paintings, frames and other derivatives!

⭐Last Updates⭐

A new variety and blocks related to public toilets have been added!

Other Blocks

All new blocks from the addon


Activate these options for the addon to work!

Required experiments for Modern Furniture addon

How to get it?

To get new blocks, you can use the /give @p f:<needed block> command in the chat.

Get furniture by the chat command

They are also available in the creative inventory.

All available furniture in the inventory

In survival mode, you need to put the Clay Ball in the Stonecutter and get a Box.

Crafting system.

Getting box in Stonecutter.

Put the created Box back into Stonecutter and select the desired furniture block.

Crafting furniture with Stonecutter.


You can sit on chairs and sofas!

Kitchen decoration and the player is sitting on a chair

Example of a living room design

Glass kitchen table

Use new blocks to create a unique interior.

Example of the design of a room with Modern Furniture

Kitchen and hallway interior

Living room with white sofa

Kitchen and bar counters

Glass table and black sofa with chairs

Room for relaxation

Using furniture from the addon for the interior of the apartment

Remember to delete addon cache to fix any errors.

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Updated on May 18

MF Updated: New blocks and mechanics have been added! Below we leave the specifications of the added


  • Added black brick staircase
  • Added white brick staircase
  • Added quartz staircase
  • Added black quartz staircase
  • Added bathroom tile stair
  • Added modern 1 bar staircase
  • Added modern staircase with 2 bars
  • Added gray brick staircase
  • Added support
  • Added NFT Painting
  • Added support with canvas

Internal Settings:

  • The stairs are now fully functional, they can be climbed like a normal ladder in the game, this is achieved thanks to an additional block spawned below them, the process is automatic.
  • Storage entities have been added, this is still experimental but can be tested in the block f:cocina14.
  • Fixed some bugs with stairs colliding, now it's fixed
  • New names translated into Spanish have been added