The Fearcraft Separates Hub [Dwellers inspired by Java] {Public Beta}

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Could you imagine Minecraft being "actually" a horror game? On popular request, I added The Fearcraft Separates Hub! Where you can choose which of the popular scary dwellers you use! The Horror lab!

The Fearcraft Separates Hub:

Here you can find and download the popular dwellers from Fearcraft separately!

I will be adding new dwellers and fixing bugs here on the go!

I recommend always checking this page now and then for interesting updates, as updates happen often!

These dwellers work similar to the ones in Fearcraft!

Refer to: Fearcraft for great examples of the monsters you could expect to be added as separates!



First, you need a core! Download either the normal core (both resources and behaviors, but bigger in size) or the alternative core (only behaviors, but way smaller in size)! You will need one of the cores to make the dwellers work! Now download and install the dwellers of choice (both resources and behaviors in the pack)! If you like, there's also the Jumpscare expansion to download (only resources)! These files are available on the Mediafire link and are sorted by type (cores, dwellers and jumpscares)! After you get them in Minecraft, make a fresh world or a copy of your existing world (those monsters could grief sometimes)! Add the core on top, then any dweller of choice under it and if you use the jumpscares, add those to the bottom!

If you would like to use my other addons with these ones, please refer to my later YouTube videos! You might need to put the Knocker on top to use them all!


On some devices (Android, PC, etc.), the mcaddon file might revert to a zip file upon download! You can solve it by changing the file extensions back to mcaddon! Just repackage the file manually! You could also alternatively extract the zip file and put the behaviors and resources into the Minecraft documents manually! There are many nice tutorials on that!

Developer note:

These monsters are still in active development and will improve over time!

Some could be rather buggy!

If you find anything that bugs your gameplay experience, please report the issues, and it will be resolved eventually!

Also, new dwellers will be added here over time! Even some interesting new experimental ones, maybe!

Please help me shape this awesome addon service!

I would like to hear your opinion!

Cheers! ;)


Download links
The Fearcraft Separates Hub Downloads [Mediafire]
Supported versions
1.21.0 1.20.80 1.20.70 1.20.60 1.20.50 1.20.40 1.20.30 1.20.10 1.20.0
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  1. Pls Apollyon mod
  2.  profile avatarromeriaalves504 profile avatar romeriaalves504
    se não for pedir de mais poderia adicionar o siren head e também fazer o mod funcionar na versão 1.21.10 e só o que eu te peço bom você não precisa fazer isso faz apenas se quiser mais eu garanto que muita gente vai gostar se isso acontecer 👍
  3.  profile avatarromeriaalves504 profile avatar romeriaalves504
    cara tu literalmente resolveu um dos maiores problemas da minha vida e serio eu sempre quis ter o the men from the fog no meu minecraft mais ele fica no curseforge mais eu não sei baixar mod do curseforge então eu via vídeos no YouTube ensinando como baixar mod do curseforge mais nenhum deles me ajudou por que eles só ensinam como baixar no computador mais eu tenho um tablet então eu perdi minhas esperanças de que podia ter o the man from the fog até eu descobrir esse mod que não precisa do curseforge e ainda vem com vários outros monstros que eu também sempre quis ter eu recomendo muito esse mod os monstros funcionam igualzinhos aos originais do curseforge eu recomendo muito esse mod ele anda não tá completo então vocês podem encontrar alguns problemas nos monstros mas é muito bom eu tenho muito a agradecer ao criador criador tu me ajudou de mais teu mod tá foda não esqueça de deixa lo completo pra ficar melhor do que já tá bom e só isso que eu tenho a dizer então tchau e valeu👍
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    I do The Extracktion but its not working? i spawn the egg But its not Working Pls Fix the Bug
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    Media file folder is empty
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    I know ur busy but could u pleeeease make an night PROWLER (Apollyon) addon for minecraft but make it education edition? There is already one but that versions head engine is over 1.20 and I cant download it😭. so if you do this it would really but my faith back into yall minecraft horror mod makers (also btw ur minecraft mods are amaizing!!!) keep up the good work mate :D
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    For the people saying IM complaining IM sorry but IM just asking when Will new dwellers release
  8. No avatar image Jacob
    Or telling him to create more horror mods from Minecraft Java just because you want to try them, trying to make a “series”, or making a world just to make it more scary.
  9. No avatar image Jacob
    Dude, what is with people complaining? Have patience, don’t rush him into adding a new separate dweller in, he is literally trying his best, please stop it.
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    No new dweller?
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    Why is classic dweller still in development and theres no new dweller is the link bug or not?
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    the pale hound pleeeeeease
  13. Please please please please please midnight lurker 😭
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    3d ambient addon folder is empty again
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