Mods for Minecraft PE 1.20.10

Mods for Minecraft PE 1.20.10

Thumbnail: VanillAnimals


An addon that brings a variety of animals to your minecraft world, they can be tamed, can be interacted, can be ridden, can carry items, and can protect you, some are aggressive, and some are
Thumbnail: myQuestAPI


Make quests easily without having to type a lot of code with Open-Source Quests. Without any limitations. Support custom items and blocks.
Thumbnail: TNT GUN (Addon)

TNT GUN (Addon)

Ever wondered if it would be fun to throw TNT at mobs or players in your game? Well you're in luck, because today I present to you an exciting add-on that introduces a truly epic TNT gun.
Thumbnail: Arath's Guns 2 Add-on

Arath's Guns 2 Add-on

This plugin is a new and improved version of Arath's Guns Add-on, in which it adds a new variety of firearms, new mechanics such as shooting animations, reloads, accessories and much more.
Thumbnail: Conflictic Honor

Conflictic Honor

Conflictic Honor addon provides a variety of mobs with the aim of bringing a new experience and perspective to the Minecraft Bedrock game with unique battles, great animations, effects and sounds.
Thumbnail: Simple Waystone Addon

Simple Waystone Addon

This addon's aim is for fast travelling purposes from one location to another. This addon is not OP, but balanced due to the level requirement for teleporting. Enjoy the addon!
Thumbnail: FEESH's Better Brewing!

FEESH's Better Brewing!

Has anyone else ever thought that brewing in Minecraft is a bit dull? I mean, you stick some items into a dull brewing stand UI, and you wait a while until a potion appears. But I think I've fixed