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UNOFFICIAL Mowzie's Mobs

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Mowzie's Mobs will add atmospheric mobs with unique models, animations, sounds and modified behavior AI to your Minecraft world. There are currently 5 types of mobs and 3 bosses available.

The mod was created for Minecraft: Java Edition by Bob Mowzie, Wadoo, pau101 and iLexiconn. Check it out on the CurseForge!

This post contains basic information on the addon, you can find even more on Mowzie's Mobs Wiki


This addon uses the player.json file


You will meet new mobs in different biomes! Each of them is unique. Some are harmless, others can cause an unprepared player problems!


Lantern from Mowzie's Mobs addon

No one knows exactly what these glowing creatures are and where they came from. Legends say that the Lamps are the Souls of once-dead travelers.

  • Type: Passive
  • Spawn Biomes: Forest, Roofed Forest
  • Health: 4
  • Loot: Jelly


Grottol from Mowzie's Mobs

The Grottol are crystal crustaceans that live in the underground, also called "Living Ores" they are considered as a pressed resource of diamonds, only the fastest will be able to catch them before they escape.

  • Type: Passive
  • Spawn Biomes: Caves
  • Health: 1
  • Loot: Diamond

How to catch Grottol?

This will require a Pickaxe with a Silk Touch enchant. Hit the Grottol with a Pickaxe to catch it.

How to catch Grottol


Foliaath from Mowzie's Mobs

The Foliaath are plant monsters that the only thing they want is to eat without stopping, they are generated in the jungles like ordinary ferns, but they will emere if their prey gets close enough, attacking them in melee is a difficult task, so a new way must be found to attack them from a distance.

When they die, they will drop foliaath seeds that are used to plant a new Foliaath, just let the baby grow and feed it with meat every half day for two days until it grows but be careful! Even if you have raised it, it does not mean that they are tame and will attack you anyway.

  • Type: Hostile
  • Health: 10
  • Damage: 8 - 10
  • Loot: Baby Foliaath seeds


Naga from Mowzie's Mobs

These winged serpents called Naga make the hills dangerous, possess great flying abilities and an acid poison which is deadly for a person.

When he dies he will leave his fang which can be used to create a poisonous dagger or an antidote to poisons.

  • Type: Hostile
  • Spawn Biomes: Beach, Extreme Hills, Mountain, Savanna
  • Health: 30
  • Damage: 3-12
  • Loot: Naga fang

Barakoa & Barakoana

Barakoa and Barakoana

Roaming the savanna, the Barakoa travel in small hunting packs. These goblin-like creatures are one with the masks on their heads, which cannot be removed. Some use bones as clubs, while others use poisoned blowdarts. Each hunting pack is led by a Barakoana elite, wielding a spear and shield. The Barakoa make traversing the savanna quite dangerous, as they can surround their prey quickly and put up a good chase.

  • Type: Hostile
  • Spawn Biomes: Savanna and Barakoa Village
  • Health: 10
  • Damage: 4
  • Loot: Mask


Barako, the Sun Chief

Barako, the Sun Chief boss

Barako is the chief of the Barakoa tribe, sitting fixed on a throne in the Barakoa Village.


Frostmaw from Mowzie's Mobs

The Frostmaw is a creature found in the coldest biomes and the highest mountains.

  • Type: Boss - Hostile
  • Spawn Biomes: Ice, Ice Plains, Frozen, Mountain and Frozen
  • Health: 250
  • Armor: 4
  • Damage: 13 - 104
  • Loot: Ice crystal

Ferrous Wroughtnaut

Ferrous Wroughtnaut

The Ferrous Wroughtnaut is not a man or a statue, it is waiting and guarding something that has been forgotten for a long time attacking anyone who approaches its dungeon under the ground, waking up to give blows so powerful as to finish instantly. They only have one weakness to damage him, which his opponent must discover.


Barakoa Village

This structure is generated only in Savanna.

Wroughtnaut Room

This structure is generated in any biome of the Overworld (underground).

New Items

Axe Of a Thousand Metals

It is dropped by Ferrous Wroughtnauts on death.


Spear can be obtained by trading with Barakoas.

Naga Fang

Naga Fang can be dropped by Naga on death.

Naga Fang Dagger

Ice Crystal

The Ice Crystal is a weapon that can be dropped by Frostmaws on death, but you also can steal it from them while they are asleep.

Earth Talisman

Sun Blessing

Grants Sun's Blessing effect for 1 hour.

Captured Diamond Grottol




A nutritious snack.

New Potions

Poison Resistance Potion

Gives a Poison Resistance effect that protects against Naga.

Poison Resistance Splash Potion

Throws splash Poison Resistance Potion.

New Helmets and Masks

Sol Visage

It is dropped by Barako, the Sun Chief on death.

Barakoa Masks

Depending on the equipped Mask, the player gets a certain effect.

Wrought Helm

This helmet does not give any special abilities, but it has infinite durability and looks very cool!

New Blocks

There are not many new blocks here, but nevertheless you can get:

  • Barakoa Village Torch
  • Thatch Block
  • Painted Acacia Wood
  • Painted Acacia Slab

New Blocks

Status Effects

Geomancy status effect icon Geomancy

Geomancy is a status effect, that can be received if the Player has an Earth Talisman in the inventory. When a player has this effect, he can use a new ability:

  • Right-click on Dirt, Stone, Sand or Clay to create boulder
  • Hold Right-click before releasing to create a bigger boulder

Frozen status effect icon Frozen

Frozen is a status effect, that can be applied by the Frostmaw's ice breath attack and using Ice Crystal. Players and mobs with this effect cannot move and attack, a special texture is displayed on the screen.

Sun's Blessing status effect icon Sun's Blessing

With empty hand, right-click to call a Sunstrike:

Sunstrike attack with Sun Blessing

With empty hand, sneak-right-click to fire a Solar Beam (costs 2 minutes):

Sunstrike attack with Solar Beam

Poison Resistance status effect icon Poison Resistance

This Potion Effect makes player resistant against Poison effect damages, including from next mobs:

  • Naga
  • Cave Spider
  • Witch
  • Pufferfish
  • Bee

FULL REVIEW (V1.6 Review in description)


Useful commands


Last Addon Update Version: 1.6

UNOFFICIAL Mowzie's Mobs v1.6 logo art

  1. hhh394064
    it not working with 1.19.70 please update it
    1. D
      We also hope that GabrielCape will update this addon 🙁
  2. WillAtrns
    Hola, necesito ayuda, instalé el Addon en la versión 1.19.40 en un servidor de Aternos, el problema es que la animación del escudo arco y la skin del personaje (skin del marketplace) se distorsionan.
    Al comienzo funcionó bien con otros addons, pero al momento de crear un servidor nuevo con solo el "Mowzie's Mobs", se distorsiona
    ¿como podría volver a usarlo?
    1. GabrielCape
      Hola, ese bug sucede porque el addon edita al player.json haciéndose incompatible con otros addons, en el futuro planeo hacer el addon de nuevo evitando editar al player por esto mismo, de momento solo queda esperar
  3. EnanoGod
    Hola. Tengo una pregunta, ¿Implementaras la función de Barako para mandar otros a curarlo desde la distancia? Es una mecánica que está en el mod original (Minecraft: Java) pero no eh visto en esta versión. Buen AddOn, es impensable para mí no agregarlo a cualquier partida que creo. Saludos!
    1. D
      Hola! Creo que será mejor que lo preguntes en el servidor Discord oficial de Gabriel 😊

      Perdón por mi español
      1. EnanoGod
        Okay, thanks for replying!
    2. GabrielCape
      Hola, me alegro mucho que te guste mi addon!
      si, esta en mis planes añadir todo lo que falta por añadir del mod original de Java edition, sin embargo, primero quisiera terminar de desarrollar mi otro addon llamado "Conflictic Honor" antes de continuar.
  4. No avatar image
    El mod es genial, jugué mucho con él, incluso hice una revisión. Gabriel, ¿esta versión es compatible con la 1.19.20 o solo con la 1.18?
    1. D
      min_engine_version is setted as 1.17, but some things may not work on 1.17-1.18