Poke's Fantasy Expansion V1.1.4

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Have you ever wanted to have an addon that expands the Minecraft endgame?

Well, you're in luck because with this addon has that and so much more!


This pack is translated from English but does support other languages. Sorry if this causes any translation issues for non-English speakers.

Things marked with (WIP) are a work in progress and not yet finished.

If you have any questions or find bugs, you can add me on Discord: itsmepok

(before Discord username rollout: poke#6051)

I am aware of other sites reuploading this addon. ModBay and MCPEDL are the only ones that I permit.

Note for content creators: You are allowed to make content using my addon as long as you put the original link in the description (Modbay or MCPEDL).

Required Experiments:

  • Beta API
  • Holiday Creator Features
  • Custom Biomes
Ores / Blocks
Weapons / Tools

Updated on November 13


Its once again time for a update

This Update Brings:

  • Modbay Changes
  • New Items
  • New Weapons
  • New Blocks
  • New Armor
  • New Trader
  • Balancing
  • WIP Changes

Full Changelog:

ModBay Changes:

  • Started to make the information on this page much more in-depth and updated
  • Weapons & Tools-> Upgraders still needs to be updated
  • Weapons & Tools-> Other Tools still needs to be updated
  • Armor Tab Still needs to be updated
  • More Information on other items will be available in the future


  • Added End Upgrader
  • Added Nether Upgrader
  • Added Spawn Zombken
  • Added Medic Ingot
  • Added Medic Nugget
  • Added Death Ingot
  • Added Death Nugget
  • Added Death Battleaxe
  • Added Armor Progression Fragment (WIP)
  • Added Weapon Progression Fragment (WIP)
  • Amethyst Battleaxe is no longer a WIP
  • Holy Battleaxe is no longer a WIP
  • Hellish Battleaxe is no longer a WIP
  • Godly Battleaxe is no longer a WIP
  • Demonic Battleaxe is no longer a WIP
  • Galaxy Battleaxe is no longer a WIP
  • Void Battleaxe is no longer a WIP
  • Astral Battleaxe is no longer a WIP
  • Nebula Battleaxe is no longer a WIP
  • Retextured the Iron Battleaxe
  • Carved Melon Mask now only costs 1 Gold Token
  • Emerald Haxel has less durability: [2048->1024]
  • Emerald Haxel does less damage: [13->12]
  • Diamond Haxel has more durability: [1024->2048]
  • Diamond Haxel does more damage: [12->13]
  • Netherite Haxel does less damage [18->14]
  • Wooden Haxel does less damage [5->3]
  • Emerald Scythe has less durability [5700->570]
  • Netherite Battleaxe does less damage [15->13]
  • Onyx battleaxe can now be repaired with Onyx Nuggets
  • Onyx battleaxe now repairs better with Onyx ingots [100->200]


  • Death Armor is no longer a WIP
  • Medic Armor is no longer a WIP
  • Cactus Armor now triggers once every 3 seconds
  • Cactus Armor no longer needs a full set to trigger [Leggings+Boots]
  • Cactus Armor now does more damage [1->2]
  • Cactus Armor now has a bigger radius [3->5]


  • Added Charred Melon
  • Added Medic Block
  • Added Death Block
  • Phantomic Conduit is no longer a WIP


  • Added Cosmetic Trader
  • Token Trader now sells the Phantomic Conduit for 2 Diamond Tokens
  • Listener No Longer Drops Copper Tokens
  • Listener Now Drops 32-64 Iron Tokens
  • Listener Now Drops 32-48 Gold Tokens
  • Token Trader no longer sells Cosmetics
  • Token Trader now sells Cosmetic Trader Spawn Egg for 1 Iron Token
  • (WIP) Raccoon now has proper animations


  • Zeus Ring now requires a Diamond Gem Holder
  • Added a Recipe for Calcite
    • 2 Diorite + 2 Cobbled Limestone
  • Onyx Battleaxe now requires an Amethyst Battleaxe to craft
  • Onyx Battleaxe now gives 2 Weapon Progression Fragments when crafted

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the recipe unlocking for onyx armor
  • Zombken no longer gives a spawn egg that can be put in mob spawners
  • Shadow Ring now only stacks to 1
  • Furnace Golem will no longer drop bedrock when doing the slam attack if its nearby
  • Netherite Battleaxe no longer repairs with a fixed amount of durability when repaired with another Netherite Battleaxe
  • Emerald Battleaxe no longer repairs with a fixed amount of durability when repaired with another Emerald Battleaxe


  • Removed The Time Skip when standing on a bed

Things in WIP:

  • Raccoon
  • Redstone Golem
  • Molten Armor
  • Wasted Armor
  • Lava Sponge
  • Mob magnets
  • Battleaxes (some)

Up Next:

  • Update Modbay with more detailed & up-to-date information
  • Lots of Balancing
  • More Cosmetics
  • Finishing things in WIP
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