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An addon that adds specialized raids that can be used in any world, in any difficulty, at any time! Do you like raids?? Like tower defense games?? I... they're ok. but that's not the point. look. This addon adds a whole new block that allows you to play around with a custom-made game mode, which can be played in ANY WORLD! All you need is this new item, some gear, (and some patience), and you are in for sick rewards and an experience like no other!


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Welcome to Project ONYX, An addon that adds a special block dedicated to filling your world with different kinds of chaos, glory, and rewards (In a contained setting of course). This addon aims to add more to do in your world while also giving a fresh and unique experience. This block summons different kinds of beings across multiverses that orchestrate raids onto your world. Defend the pylon with all of your life, and take legendary loot from these different worlds!

Please keep inmind that this addon is in very early stages and a lot is subject to change.

The Basics:

Universal Pylon Recipe

Universal Pylon Block

This is a universal pylon, the foundation for anything you want to do in this addon. This pylon will allow you to summon many beings across different worlds and engage in combat with them. This section will teach you how these items work and allow you to and get to playing.

All raid types are going to be unique in their own standards, but there is always a few common denominators.

  • This block is activated by different pylon crystals. each crystal has a TYPE, and a DIFFICULTY tied to each one.
  • The TYPE of raid will control what kind of mobs spawn in the event. one may spawn robots and advanced beings, another may spawn dinosaurs.
  • DIFFICULTIES are... difficulties. each type of raid has different categories to challenge the player. for example, one type of raid may have a "standard" mode, then a "chaos" mode, and so on.
  • When raids start (Unless specified), portals will spawn at the north, east, south, and west of the pylon.
  • When a raid starts, anything blocking the mob spawners will be destroyed. And any holes in the ground will be filled up by an unbreakable block. Do not start a raid near anything important.

Universal Pylon Block With Question Mark

When you interact with the bottom block, a question mark will pop up. when that question mark pops up you are free to insert a crystal to start whatever raid you want.

Crystals are crafted in a bunch of different ways. Simpler modes being easy to craft, while harder ones being more complex to craft. although, the harder you push through the raid, the more materials you'll get back. Maybe you'll even make more than what you spent!

With all of this knowledge, you are ready to craft your first crystal!


With the basics out of the way, below contains all of the available raids. more types of raids, difficulties, and even special game modes will be added later down the line.

Final Notes:

  • This addon will be getting lots of updates and fixes down the line, so if you liked what you see here, make sure to stick around!
  • You are free to look at / use my code as long as credit is given
  • Socials are in my creator profile if you would like to follow along
  • Thanks for looking!
  • Sound effects are gathered from
  • This Project is healivy inspired off of the Dungeon Defenders 2 Event from Terraria.
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