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Dense Ores adds dense variations to all overworld ores, which can drop up to three times the amount of materials compared to their normal counterparts. However, these dense ores are much rarer and in smaller clumps, so keep an eye out! Dense ores drop more materials and can be mined using Fortune and Silk Touch. There are also dense nether ores as well!

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NewJumperr's Permission

New Minerals:

New Minerals

These minerals can be found in caves, and they drop 5 times more minerals than a normal one, this also includes the levels of fortune,


  • Overworld: Copper, Iron, Diamond, Lapis, Redstone, Emerald, Gold and Coal
  • Nether: Gold and Quartz

I will show some examples of generation, soon I will take a version where they appear with less chance for those who do not like so op:

Generation Example 1

Generation Example 2

Generation Example 3

Updated on October 17:

  • Added Permission
  • Moved the CurseForge link
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