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Have you ever wanted to be stronger, but faster, or jump higher? Or have you ever wanted to become a robot, cyborg style? With this add-on you can install cybernetic parts on your character!


This add-on is in beta, and many things may change in the future!

For the add-on to work, ALL experiment options must be active, along with the โ€œEducational Editionโ€ option!

Abandoned Laboratory

To start, you need to find an abandoned laboratoryโ€ฆ

Abandoned Laboratory

โ€ฆwhich can be found anywhere in the overworld.


When you enter it, you will find cyberzombies spawners.


The cyberzombies have 45 health and damage 7 health (3 and a half hearts), when defeating them, you will get rusty wreckage, which still has no function.

Iron ingots, steel ingots, iron nuggets, human organs and cyber parts can be found in the laboratory chests. Diamonds, emeralds and gold ingots can also be found in the barrels located in the central room.

Surgery Chamber

Also in the central room you can find a surgery chamber, used to implant the cyber parts.

Surgery Chamber

Each surgery attempt has a 5% chance of failing and the player dying, any surgery attempt using blocks and other items will make these items disappear.


For now, we only have 6 cyber parts, they can be found: right and left iron cyberlegs, right and left steel cyberlegs, and right and left cybereyes.

Left Iron Cyberleg

Left Steel Cyberleg

Left Cybereye


You can:

  • Use the addon in a video,
  • Modify for your own use,
  • Use the addon codes as a base.

You can not:

  • Claim this addon as yours,
  • Use textures or models from this addon,
  • Share this addon using own link.
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