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With this add-on, you can become Thor, the god of thunder, where you can get Thor's hammer, all his powers, costumes and much more, based on the superhero of the Marvel universe!


The Mjolnir will appear in the world of Minecraft in the desert biomes. When it appears, it will release some rays that will indicate its location, allowing the Mjolnir to interact with it.

Mjolnir: Screenshot 1

Mjolnir: Screenshot 2

Mjolnir and Stormbreaker Powers:

Melee damage:

  • Mjolnir: 24
  • Stormbreaker: 32

Mjolnir and Stormbreaker Powers: Screenshot

While holding the Mjolnir/Stormbreaker in your hand and interacting with it, it will summon lightning bolts that will strike nearby enemies.



  • Radius: 35
  • Amount of lightning: 12 entities


  • Radius: 50
  • Number of rays: 24 entities

Mjolnir and Stormbreaker: Demonstration 1

As long as you have the Mjolnir/Stormbreaker in your hand, hold down the crouch button, and interact, you will be able to throw the Mjolnir/Stormbreaker and deal damage to an enemy hit by the Mjolnir/Stormbreaker.

Mjolnir and Stormbreaker: Demonstration 2

Impact damage:

  • Mjolnir: 24
  • Stormbreaker: 32

You will be able to perform a big jump using the Mjolnir/Stormbreaker while crouching and jumping.

Mjolnir and Stormbreaker: Demonstration 3

As long as you have the Mjolnir/Stormbreaker in your hand and do not step on the ground you will receive a slow fall.

Mjolnir and Stormbreaker: Demonstration 4

If you interact with the Mjolnir/Stormbreaker while in the air you will be able to perform a hit on the ground that on impact will produce area damage to enemies.

Mjolnir and Stormbreaker: Demonstration 5

When you use the elytras and you have the Mjolnir/Stormbreaker you will receive infinite flight.

Mjolnir and Stormbreaker: Demonstration 6

Stormbreaker Recipe:

Stormbreaker Recipe

Thor Costumes:

  • Thor: Default
  • Thor: Classic
  • Thor: Love and Thunder.
  • Thor: Infinity War
  • Thor: Ragnarok
  • Thor: Herald of Galactus

Different Thor Costumes

Thor Ragnarok Costume: Recipe and Screenshot

Thor Infinity War Costume: Recipe and Screenshot

Thor Herald of Galactus Costume: Recipe and Screenshot

Raising the Mjolnir will grant you the default Thor costume, you will be able to upgrade your costume with different styles:

Thor Costumes Recipes


Loki: Screenshot 1

Loki will appear randomly in the desert biome, he will attack the player with his scepter, when defeating Loki he can release the tesseract, his scepter and parts of Loki's suit.

Loki: Screenshot 2

With the scepter you can use it to shoot enemies by interacting with the scepter.

  • Melee damage: 14

Loki Scepter: Demonstration

Loki Scepter: Recipe

Loki Classic Costume: Recipe and Screenshot

There is a small chance that Loki will release the Miss Minutes skin, it will allow you to transform into Miss Minutes, so place the item in the head slot.

Loki: Miss Minutes Skin

Updated on February 28

New Costumes:

  • Thor: Ragnarok Costume
  • Thor: Infinity War Costume
  • Thor: Herald of Galactus Costume
  • Classic Loki Costume


  • Compatibility with Minecraft version 1.20.60
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  1. No avatar image Mpatho
    Hi Arath,firstly I'd like to say thank you for such an awesome mod ,it's definitely by far one of the best bedrock superhero mods I've seen but I do have a complaint, I think you didn't make thor strong enough, I mean he's the God of thunder, Taking out an iron golem shouldn't be a challenge, maybe just give him a strength boost or some regeneration ,I mean even that captain America mod you made was stronger than thor,that ain't right, if you see this comment please do something about the thor mod because I really like it