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This addon can make your Minecraft multiplayer / server / realms be better, because it will add Money System, Auction System, Home & Warp System, TPA System, Land System, Ranks System (Permission), Combat System and more. You can sell items for Money. You can sethome, so you will not get lost. You can use TPA to teleport to other player. The addon is very customable in game.

Minecraft Essentials v2.8.5

Command List:

Command List: Part 1

Command List: Part 2

Command List: Part 3

Don't understand the command?

Don't worry: use !help command to get command list and the description!
You can also use !help <command_name> to get command usage! ("?" that means the choice is not must be filled)

You can use Minecraft Format to select a player.

Example: !money "Test Player" or !money Paoeni or use short name !money Pao

General Commands:

  • !back (Teleport to last death location)
  • !calculate <math> (Calculate basic math)
  • !credit (Credits of addons)
  • !help (Provides help/list of commands)
  • !info (Shows information set by the server owner)
  • !message <player_name> <message> (Send private message to a player)
  • !playerlist (List of online players)
  • !reply <message> (Reply to private message from another player)
  • !report (Create/view report)
  • !rtp (Random teleport)
  • !tps (World ticks per second)

Floating Text Commands:

  • !floatingtext-add <type: text/scoreboard> (Add floating text)
  • !floatingtext-clear (Clear all floating texts)
  • !floatingtext-edit (Edit floating text)
  • !floatingtext-remove (Remove floating text)
  • !floatingtext-duplicate (Duplicate/clone floating text)

Home Commands:

  • !delhome <home_name> (Removes a home)
  • !home <home_name> (Teleport to your selected home)
  • !listhome (Provides list of your homes)
  • !sethome <home_name> (Create a new home in your current location)

Land Commands:

  • !land <options> (Land claim)
  • !landsetting (Land system settings)

Money Commands:

You can get money from selling items, killing mobs and players, or make a trade to other player.

  • !auctionhouse (Open the auction house)
  • !money <player_money?> (States the current balance of a player)
  • !pay <player_name> <amount> (Pays another player from your balance)
  • !sell (Sell items)
  • !shop (Open the main shop)
  • !topmoney (List players by top balances)
  • !withdraw <amount> (Withdraw your money into banknote)

Ranks Commands:

  • !addranks <player_name> (Give rank to a player)
  • !createranks (Create ranks)
  • !deleteranks (Delete ranks)
  • !editranks (Edit ranks)
  • !removeranks <player_name> (Remove rank from a player)

TPA Commands:

  • !tpa <player_name> (Request to teleport to the specified player)
  • !tpacancel <on/off> (Cancel all or specify outstanding teleport requests)
  • !tpaccept <on/off> (Accept a tpa request from player)
  • !tpahere <player_name> (Request that the specified player teleport to you)
  • !tpasetting <on/off> (Set your tpa setting. If it's off, you can't send tpa request to other player and other player can't send tpa request to you)

Warp Commands:

  • !warp <place_name> (Teleport to selected warp)
  • !listwarp (Provides list of available warp)


Use /tag @s add admin to give you admin command access

  • !adminpanel (Open admin panel)
  • !ban <player_name> <reason> (Bans a player)
  • !broadcast <message> (Broadcasts a message to a world)
  • !delwarp <place_name> (Removes a warp)
  • !economy <place_name> (Manages the server economy)
  • !inventorysee <player_name> (See the inventory of other players)
  • !kick <player_name> <reason> (Kick a specified player with a reason)
  • !log (Open logs)
  • !mute <player_name> (Mutes a player)
  • !resetdata (Reset all or specific data)
  • !sellsetting (Setting items in sell, Join Discord for tutorial)
  • !setting <settingname> <value> (Set a configuration)
  • !setwarp <place_name> (Create a new warp)
  • !shopsetting (Set groups/items in shop, Join Discord for tutorial)
  • !tempban <player_name> (Temporary ban a user)
  • !unban <player_name> (Unbans the specified player)
  • !unmute <player_name> (Unmutes a muted player)

Gamemodes Commands: (NEED ADMIN ACCESS)

  • !gmc <player_name?> (Change player gamemode to Creative)
  • !gms <player_name?> (Change player gamemode to Survival)
  • !gmsp <player_name?> (Change player gamemode to Spectator)
  • !gma <player_name?> (Change player gamemode to Adventure)

You can change the configuration in the Configuration.js file:

Don't change anything in the code unless you know what you're doing!

Maybe this addon will not work if there are other addons that have custom commands and the same prefix!

You are permitted to:

  • Use the addon packs as you see fit in-game.
  • Re-distribute the addon packs or works elsewhere, with approval of the author.
  • Examine the code and works to learn more about the creation and development of addon

You are NOT permitted to:

  • Change the code or works to suit your needs.
  • Negate the accreditation of the original author.
  • Paste the direct download link, negating the ModBay page.
  • Take the author's code, works, and textures just to republish them as your own.

Creator Contacts:


Required Experiments for Minecraft Essentials Addon

Updated on July 05

RELEASE v2.8.5

  • Support for 1.21.0x.
  • Customize able money lost in Combat system (Only configurable via file for now).
  • Fixed (NEWLINE) doesn't working.
  • Fixed ranks not changing after edit.
  • Separated setting in Edit ranks.
  • Added Admin permission in Ranks.
  • Added "hideRanks" setting in Ranks.
  • Added "Color Text" in Ranks.
  • Fixed max money when Selling items.Fixed Sell preset.Fixed RTP.
  • Added new Land subcommand "checkblocks" (States the current claim blocks of a player).
  • Fixed issues with Simulated Players.
  • Added new commands: gmc, gms, gmsp, gma (Gamemodes Commands).
  • Added new command: floatingtext-duplicate (Floating Text Commands).
  • Added notification when player used admin commands.
  • Added notification when player created report.
  • Fixed text in mute and unmute command.
  • And more...
v2.7.2 / May 20 / Old Update

RELEASE v2.7.2

  • Support for 1.20.80x.
  • Fixed FloatingText not showing in Help command.
  • Fixed Shop and Auction database (Data got reseted).
  • Fixed Search System (Maybe).
  • Added "calculate" command (Calculate basic math).
  • Added "report" command, Credit: kuystmark.
  • Now you can edit default ranks in "editranks" command.
  • Added page in "TopBalance" command, Example: "!topbalance 2".
  • Added new Settings "landSystem", "showRankonmessage", and "showRankOnNameTag".
  • Added way to make new Line in FloatingText and ServerInfo command:
  • Put "(NEWLINE)" to make new Line, Example: "Pao(NEWLINE)Server".
  • Fixed combat system.
  • Added new Configuration "CombatConfig" to setting Combat System.
  • ShopSetting Preset now more faster to create items.
  • Added search button in Sell.
  • Added Confirmation UI in Sell All.
  • Added compass menu (Open an UI from selected items).
  • Fixed Ranks System, now you can set 0 in permission.
  • Added new file "textureList.js", used for set texture on custom items (Doesn't work for custom block).
  • Land particle is now client side.
  • Fixed texture issues when having 1.21 Update experimental.
  • Change input amount on Shop to text field.
  • Add new Setting "joinMessage".
  • Fixed Floating Text stuck on "Creating".
  • Added "Teleport to me" button in edit Floating Text command.
  • Added new items "Claim Block" (Used to get claim block).
  • Making your own custom command is more easier in main.js.
  • And more...

Join Discord to get more Information!

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