MORE RECIPES v1.0.2 (Behaviour Pack) 1.20.50+ !!!

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Adds many recipes to Minecraft to make your survival easier. For example, you can now recolor concrete and concrete powder, glass and glass panel.

Crafting Recipes:

Crafting Recipes 1

Crafting Recipes 2

Crafting Recipes 3

Crafting Recipes 4

Furnace Recipes:

Furnace Recipes

Stonecutter Recipes:

Stonecutter Recipes

New Recipes:

New Recipes

Chain Armor Recipes

Iron Nugget Recipes

Ingot Block Recipes and Green Dye Recipe

Clay, Quartz, Bread and Paper Recipes

Dispenser Recipes

Brick and Smooth Stone Recipes

(I tested the addon in Minecraft 1.20.50, idk if it works in other versions)

Updated on February 06

New Recipes:

  • Craftable chain armor
  • The iron armor can now be uncrafted in the blast furnace
  • In the blast furnace you can now blast the raw blocks
  • You can also craft the green dye with yellow and blue dyes
  • You can craft Dispenser with low durabillity and enchanted bows
  • In the blast furnace you can blast the stone โ†’ smooth stone and clay โ†’ brick
Changelog for January 17 / Old Update
  • Added new recipes
Changelog for December 27 / Old Update
  • Made the addon work in 1.20.50+
  • Added new recipes
Download links
More Recipes 1.0.2[mcpack, 99.55 Kb]
Supported versions
1.20.60 1.20.50
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  1. ; Sea water in the furnace > Salt.
    1. gsif profile avatar gsif
      I will do it in my new addon (real food) in new update
      Thanks for comment
      1. ; You are so sweet. And this add-on has made my adventure much more fun.
  2. gsif profile avatar gsif
    I forgot to say if you want to recolor (concrete & powder) you should recolor it into white and recolor it again with your color dye like the glass in the picture