What Am I Looking At? (WAILA)

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It's a simple add-on that adds a user interface on top of your screen showing what you're looking at. It's similar to how when you hover on items in your inventory!

What Is It

It's a simple Add-On that adds a user interface on top of your screen showing what you're looking at. It's similar to how when you hover on items in your inventory!

Basic Usage

Start by looking at anything. Anything will do. For example, another player:

Player Info: Screenshot

Viewing Entities Health

The UI can render up to 40 hearts at a time. However, if the entity has a health of more than this value, the UI will normalize it to 40 hearts โ€” so it's accurately displayed!

Iron Golem: Screenshot

Identifying Blocks

When you look at a block, an icon will show next to its name. This icon tells the correct equipment type you should use in order to break this block faster. For instance, you can break a Monster Spawner using a pickaxe:

Monster Spawner Info: Screenshot

Checking on Items

Dropped items can be found everywhere. When you look at one, it'll show the identifier of the item in the display.

Rotten Flesh Info: Screenshot

Multiple Add-On Support

You can put this Add-On in conjunction with other Add-Ons, even if it's at the bottom of the list.

Multiple Add-On Support: Screenshot

How To Install

  1. Download the latest version of the .MCADDON file from the releases or download page
  2. Open the file and it should automatically launch Minecraft
  3. You may create a new world or import it into your existing world
  4. Go to your world options and, under the Experiments section, find and enable Beta APIs
  5. Apply the Add-On by going to your Resource Packs & Behavior under your world
  6. Launch and open the world
  7. Enjoy!

Support Information

  • This Add-On works in multiplayer.
    • For Aternos, please refer to instructions here.
    • You need to have an active Realms subscription to use this in Realms. To install on Realms, please check on Minecraft's website.
  • This Add-On does NOT use or modify the player.json.
  • This Add-On should work in conjunction with other Add-Ons.
  • This Add-On only supports Bedrock 1.20.70 or higher!

Updated on March 31

Changelog v2.2

Thank you for your valuable feedback and continued support. This update aims to resolve issues that were present in the previous version:

  • Improved entity icon display โ€” you can now be able to see a live rendering of the entity on the top screen, and this will also now work for custom mobs!
    • Removed image files that were used for portraits, thereby reducing file size of the Add-On.
    • Players will now be rendered on the display, including any attachables they have worn (such as armor with their applicable trims, and items in main hand and offhand).
    • Due to this change, however, some inanimate entities may not render on top of the screen anymore. These are but not limited to the following entities:
      • Minecart
      • Minecart with Chest
      • Minecart with Hopper
      • Minecart with TNT
  • The health of the entity will no longer render if its maximum health is at extreme levels.
  • Tweaked the offset of the tooltip, tailored for smaller devices.
  • Fixed an issue whereby the namespace text will only remove the first instance of the underscore. This fix should also now remove all underscores in the namespace text.
  • Fixed entities not updating properly when afflicted with poison or wither damage.
  • Fixed tooltip flashing out when hitting an entity just to update it.
Download links
Download v2.1[mcaddon, 5.73 Mb]
Download v2.2[mcaddon, 88.89 Kb]
Supported versions
1.20.70 1.20.60
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