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Project Expansion addon is an Adventure and Exploration: It adds a variety of new content, be it new blocks, new mobs, items or new bosses. Project Expansion has already had a lot of updates, we are now at 1.3, I will just be leaving a summary of all the content added in this update along with images about it.

If you want to know our entire project, join my Discord Server to have access to all the addon content.

Latest Updates:

Project Expansion 1.3



  • Added Blocky Jars
  • Added Iron and Lava Jars
  • Added Experience Jars and Experience Blocks
  • Added Block Blood Jars


  • Added New Player Protector Mob
  • Added Daredevil Egg


  • 9 New Gem Bracelets Added
  • 9 new recipes involving the Addon's Gems and Fragments


  • Added Cheese Block
  • Added Rennet Milk
  • Added Cheese
  • Added Cheese in 16 Slices

Bauxite Ore:

  • New Savanna Ore (Bauxite/Aluminum)
  • You can ferment Bauxite into Aluminum.
  • Aluminum is a Rare type of Equipment (better than iron)
  • Aluminum can be dropped from all Illagers or found in Base Chests and Stations.
  • Some Illagers do not attack you if you are using an Aluminum set
  • Added Aluminum Block

Lead Anvil:

  • New Added Anvil
  • New Rune System Added
  • Ricochet Rune Added
  • Added Smelting Rune
  • Added Speed Improvement
  • Improvement of epic blacksmithing


  • New Goblin Variations Added
  • New Loot Table for exchanges
  • Added Blowgun
  • Added Spear Goblins
  • Added Shaman Goblins

Goblin Camp:

  • New camp that generates in the Plains and Jungle, home of the Goblins.
  • Added Beetroot blocks
  • Addiconado tuff decorative blocks


  • In new exchanges with Goblins you can Get the New Zarabartana Item
  • This item allows you to shoot arrows at your targets if you have arrow ammunition!

Beet Block:

  • A large block of beetroot that can frequently generate in plains biomes
  • Can also be found in Goblin Camps
  • When broken, it can Drop 1 to 9 beets.
  • This is another decorative block, but in the future it may have a special function


  • It is now possible to Revert Honeycomb Blocks to 9 Honeycomb

Sewing Table:

  • New Bench
  • New 16 fabrics
  • New Pants and Cloaks
  • Fur can come from Cat Treasures
  • Added 3 New Nuggets: Copper, Rose Gold and Aluminum
  • You can find fabrics by killing mobs or exploring ruins by trail


  • Added Blood Monster statue
  • Added Tuf Golem statue
  • Added Piglin statue

Dillagers Village:

  • Village found in Mesa Biomes
  • Filled with: Bomb Barrels, Dark Oak Crates, Chests and Ores
  • Adiconado rose gold block
  • Bomb barrel is now Touch interactive
  • Bandits and Scouts: New Mesa Biome Mobs
  • Antique Musket Added
  • Added musket ball
  • Added Musket Barrel
  • Added musket handle

Iglin Dungeon:

  • Small dungeon that generates in Basalt Biomes, has a lot of iron, steel and torture rooms


  • Added Basalt Golems
  • Added Basalt Iglins
  • Iglins only generate in Dungeons now.

Steel Changes:

  • Iglins Has a 5% + chance to Drop Steel Bars
  • Lead Digger has a 5% + chance to Drop 1 Steel Plate
  • Steel Digger has a 10% + chance to Drop 2 to 4 Steel Plates
  • The cost to manufacture steel bars is now 3 sheets of steel (no longer 6 sheets)
  • Increasing the Chance of Finding Steel Items and Tools in Safes and Crates


  • New desert structure
  • Full of Traps and Treasures
  • Home of the Mummies


  • New Mob that Generates in the Desert Crypts, Can Give Common Zombie Loot and Precious Gems

Wild Ravagers:

  • New Mobs That Can Be Assembled.
  • Generate in the Savannah and Meadow Biomes.
  • They are large Wild Ravagers that can be equipped with Ravager Armor for Mounting.
  • Can dash similar to Camels


  • Small mobs that appear from their nest in Crimson biomes.
  • If you break the nest block, a new larva will be born
  • Larvae can be eaten and cause hunger and nausea


  • Crab can now attack larvae and baby turtles


  • New Mob from Savannas and Picos de Pedra.
  • These little guys are terrible pigs that attack players, rabbits, larvae and chickens and destroy crops.
  • Has a little more life than a normal pig
  • Wolves can attack wild boars

Carminite Set:

  • Carminite Set has been Added (27 defense with 750 durability)
  • Adiconado Carminite Sword and Ax
  • Carminite Sword gives Ricochet Added
  • Full Carminite armor gives fire resistance

Hematite Armor:

  • Now it only gives permanent Strength Effects 2 when it is full set

New Tools:

  • Added Tanzanite Pickaxe


  • The axes made from Steel Rods break the entire Tree!
  • Added Scarlet Axe
  • Added Carminite Axe
  • Added Tanzanite Axe
  • Added Hematite Axe.

Speed Boots:

  • Your Textures have been Updated


  • The Steel, Nether and Copper Key have had an updated texture
  • Steel key appears more in normal Crates
  • Steel Keys can appear in Bonus Chests and in Villages

Oxidized Copper Key:

  • This Key is used to open the Ocean Vaults, found in Structures in Frozen Ocean Biomes
  • The Key can be found in Crates of Pine, Jungle and Mangrove
  • The Key can also Drop from Drowned and Sunken

Nether Key:

  • Appears in Crimson Crates, Bastion Chests and Fortress


Improved Loot:

  • Jungle Crates can give Costa Blacksmithing Model
  • Pine Crates can give Sentinel Blacksmithing Model
  • Crimson Crates can give Rib Blacksmithing Models
  • Safes can give Ward Blacksmithing Models

Set Necromancy:

  • Added Necromancer
  • Added Almas
  • Added Spectra
  • Added Soul Orb
  • Added Soul Fragments
  • Added Soul Orb Staff
  • Added Transmutation Table


Particles and Items:

  • Bracelets Now only appear on the left hand.
  • Staffs now have particles when used


  • The Miner's First Two Trades Are Now Copper and Tin

Rose Gold Set:

  • The Rose Gold Set is equivalent to the same as a Diamond Set, that is, the set now gives 20 defense in total

Armor Trims:

  • It is now possible to customize the addon's armor with the Trims system

Bone Armor:

  • The Bone Armor Set (helmet, Shoulder Pads and Jewelry) gives the Player Camouflages There are other skeletons.
Project Expansion 1.3.1

Bug Fixes:

  • Jungle Crate Loot Fixed!


  • Geysers now emit smoke particles more frequently.
  • Larval nests take longer to spawn larvae.
  • Active Transmutation Table Variably releases particles.


  • Bears are now more aggressive and can attack pigs, rabbits and sheep.
  • Bear when chasing a mob, can destroy vegetation such as leaves, pumpkins, and bee hives.
  • Bears can now lay down randomly throughout the game.
  • Bears have had changes to textures, models and animations


  • Updated Templates

Fermented Bat Eye:

  • Used to Convert Some Potions to Others!
  • Potion of Night Vision Converted to Darkness
  • Damage Potion Converted To Extra Life
  • Water Converted to Fatigue Potion
  • Speed Potion Converted to Haste


  • Blood Monster heads can be rotated.
  • Added Illager Skeleton Head: Dropped Rarely from Wandering Bones.

Sulfur Powder:

  • Up to 20 items can now be used as fuel.
  • Now it can be used as fertilizer
Project Expansion 1.3.2


Hematite Armor:

  • Using the full set gives you Immunity to Wither rot

Bomb Barrel:

  • When lit by lightning, it explodes

Mini Infernals:

  • Can now recover health if the player feeds Nether Fungus

Boots of Speed 2:

  • Speed 2 Boots are immune to Fall Damage
Project Expansion 1.3.4
  • NEW VERSION: 1.20.50

Transmutation Table:

Ingot Transmutation:

  • Now, you can transmute one ingots into other using items specific to the ingot you want to make
  • However, the amount of transmuted ingot varies according to rarity
  • Common to Rare ingot creates 1 from 4
  • Rare to Epic creates 1 from 3
  • Epics to Legendary creates 1 from 2
  • Legendary to other Legendary creates 1 from 2
  • Legendary to Mythic creates 1 from 1

Transmutation Table: Screenshot 1

Transmutation Table: Screenshot 2

Pure Concrete:

  • Pure Concrete is a concrete made without the use of dyes in its creation, it has a grayish tone
  • To Create Concrete blocks, the Player needs to click with the Water Bottle on the Concrete
  • Unlike the Old Way of Using Pure Concrete, you increase the amount of colored concrete from 8 to 16

Pure Concrete: Screenshot

Pure Concrete: Recipe

Colored Pure Concrete: Recipe

Concrete: Recipe from Pure Concrete

New Concrete colors have been added, they are:

  • Crimson Concrete
  • Golden Concrete
  • Glossy Concrete

New Concrete Colors: Screenshot

Glossy and Golden Concretes emit Low Lighting:

Concrete Emitting Low Lighting: Screenshot

Gold Dye:

Gold Dye: Screenshot

  • New dye made from Bright Berries has been added
  • With it, you can create new golden glass, wool, carpet, and concrete

Changes and Alterations:

  • Changes in the Hardness of Some Blocks


  • All rings now emit particles when used
  • New particles added to staffs
  • New Modeling for Miners


  • Fixed Ricochet system
  • Miners returned to generating by specific biome
  • Scarab Necklace once again protects you from Husks, Mummies and Walkers when equipped on the left hand
  • Spider Necklace protects you from Spiders again
  • Tungsten Ring texture has been fixed
  • Emerald and Scarlet Staffs are working again

Larva Block:

  • Now only generated by replacing Crimson earth to prevent larvae from being born suffocated
  • Bandits spawn less frequently in the Mesa Biome
  • Musket Handle can be found in safes
  • Beater can now spawn in the Underground of the Mesa biome

Deep Dungeon:

  • Deep Dungeon has returned to Generate
  • Deep Dungeon now contains the Necromancer totem


  • Crystal and crystal block textures have been improved
  • Textures of Tanzanite items and Blocks have been improved
  • Textures of Dripstone and calcite variations have been improved.
  • Platinum Armor has improved texture
  • Hematite Armor gained shine
  • Tanzanite Armor has been Altered


  • Improved and updated
  • Eater has been improved


  • Packages are small mobs found in caves that can be Tamed with raw gold, and then you can put a chest in them


  • Added New Grotto
  • Added New Miners Room
  • Some Structures now have pots decorated with items inside
  • New Underground Structures added to the Mesa Biome
  • Added Beaters House
  • Crypt now generates underground

Structure Removal:

  • Dillagers Village was removed due to problems with world generation


Project Expansion Addon: Screenshot 1

Project Expansion Addon: Screenshot 2

Project Expansion Addon: Screenshot 3

Project Expansion Addon: Screenshot 4

Project Expansion Addon: Screenshot 5

Project Expansion Addon: Screenshot 6

Project Expansion Addon: Screenshot 7

Project Expansion Addon: Screenshot 8

Project Expansion Addon: Screenshot 9

Project Expansion Addon: Screenshot 10

If you want to know our entire project, come join the Discord Server!


  • Activate all experimental options except experimental cameras
  • Uses player.json
  • Disable the recipe unlock option
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    1. Access the discord server to learn about the entire project, here I only brought things from update 1.3, the addon is not just that, there is a lot of content that you haven't seen yet
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