Wolf Forever [1.20.80 update]

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WOLF FOREVER is an addon that will allow you to interact even more with your wolf and take them to dangerous places without dying. There are also 22 models of kennels for your wolf to rest. The golden bone will give your wolf a lot of strength.



  • Build special houses for your wolves where they can rest and be protected while you explore the Minecraft world.
  • Choose from a selection of 26 different kennel models, each with its own unique design and features.
  • You can make it in the stone cutter with any type of log or wood.

Stand mode: In this mode, your wolf will not be able to sleep in the kennel.

Kennel: Stand Mode

Sleep mode: In this mode, your wolf will approach the kennel to sleep.

Kennel: Sleep Mode

  • Toggle stand/sleep modes using the right click.
  • You can remove the kennel using shift+right click.


  • To change modes, you just have to press shift+right click.

Hostile Mode

In this mode, your wolf will be able to attack the entities that the owner hits or entities that have hit the owner, it will also defend itself if it is hit.

Wolf Switched to Hostile Mode

Wolf Attacking in Hostile Mode

Pacific Mode

In this mode, your wolf does not attack under any circumstances, it will only accompany you on your adventures.

Wolf Switched to Peaceful Mode

Switching Between Hostile and Peaceful Mode

KO Mode

When your wolf has health = 0, it will remain unconscious. Come close to cure it, so it continues to accompany you.

Curing Unconscious Wolf


ITEMS: The following items can be used on tamed and crouching wolves.

Golden Bone: It is made with gold and a bone, and it is used to make your wolf more powerful. Adds regeneration, fire resistance, and stamina for 10 minutes.

Release Wolf: It is made with a bone and a stick. It is used to release your wolf if you think you have too many.


Kennel Recipes

Golden Bone Recipe


Required Experiments for Wolf Forever Addon

If you have any questions or there are any errors, you can contact me.

Discord: Spartan

Facebook: Spartan Sanchez

If you are a content creator, I would appreciate it if you used the link on this page.

Updated on April 28

  • Errors caused by the new version 1.20.80 have been fixed
  • It is now compatible with the new wolf textures in the new version of Minecraft
  • The rotation mode has been removed, and it now has predefined angles
Changelog for April 11 / Old Update
  • Added 2 new kennels: now we have 26 kennels
  • Errors caused by the new version 1.20.70 have been fixed
  • Compatibility with version 1.20.73
Changelog for March 04 / Old Update
  • Fixed bugs
  • Added 2 new kennels
Changelog for January 17 / Old Update
  • Added Youtube video
  • Optimized functions of the wolf
  • Compatibility with version 1.20.51
  • Fixed bugs
  • Added static design for more intuitive gameplay
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1.20.70 1.20.60 1.20.50 1.20.40 1.20.30 1.20.10 1.20.0
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