AI and Animations Addon for Minecraft Bedrock

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AI and Animations Addon for Minecraft Bedrock modifies mobs' animations and behavior to experience more immersive gameplay.


The Ai and Animation Addon for Minecraft Bedrock is an add-on that modifies the behavior and animations of several mobs in the game, creating a more immersive gameplay experience. This add-on affects many mobs, including the Goat, Wolf, Fox, Cat, Pig, Horse, Villager, Rabbit, Iron Golem, Axolotl, Sheep, Cow, Pillager, Vindicator, and more. To enjoy this enhanced experience, download the complete pack, which includes both the Behavior (AI) and Animation versions.

Demo Video v1.0.4



  • Increased ram attack frequency.
  • Higher jump frequency.
  • Goat attack now deals 5 damage.
  • Increased goat spawn rate.
  • Added ram attack animation.
  • Added high jump animation.
  • Added running animation.

AI and Animations Addon: Goat


  • Cats can now sit naturally.
  • Improved jumping ability, allowing them to jump up to 5 blocks high.
  • Cats can now descend from heights of up to 10 blocks.
  • Improved attack speed.
  • Cats now follow the largest owner.
  • Tamed cats can attack chickens and rabbits.
  • Improved ocelot attack animation.

AI and Animations Addon: Cat


  • Changed the model to position the head above the body.
  • Added running animation.
  • Added jumping animation for hunting.

AI and Animations Addon: Fox


  • Added running animation.
  • Added falling animation while running.
  • Saddled horses now follow the player. To stop them from following, remove the saddle or leash them.
  • Added a 3-second speed boost using a rope.

AI and Animations Addon: Horse


  • Increased attack speed.
  • Added running animation.
  • Wolves can now attack pigs.

AI and Animations Addon: Wolf


  • Children now run faster.
  • Added walking animation.
  • Added running animation.
  • Increased the number of children spawned in villages.
  • Children now gather at the bell.
  • Children can fall from a height of 3 blocks.
  • Children can jump up to 3 blocks.

AI and Animations Addon: Villager


  • Added animation for being out of the water.
  • Added animation with light changes while walking.
  • Slightly increased walking speed on land.
  • Added death animation.

Cow and Mooshroom

  • Added running animation.


  • Added running animation.
  • Sheep now run away from wolves.


  • Added running animation.
  • Pigs now run away from wolves and players.


  • Chickens now run away from players and wolves.


  • Rabbits now run away from cats.

Iron Golem

  • Iron Golems can now attack creepers.


The addon has gone through several updates to improve its functionality and compatibility with Minecraft version 1.20.40. The updates include:

  • Update v1.0.1
  • Update v1.0.2
  • Update v1.0.3
  • Update v1.0.4


The add-on is fully compatible with Minecraft version 1.20.40.

Bug Fixes

In addition to the updates, the following bug fixes have been implemented:

  • Fixed attack issue with zombies.
  • Improved running animation for baby zombies.


  1. Download the mcaddon file.
  2. Double-click to install in your Minecraft.
  3. Create a new world and in the addon options, find the AI and Animations Behavior Pack.
  4. AI and Animations Resouce Pack will be installed automatically.
  5. You donโ€™t need to enable any experimental options.
  6. Start your world.
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