3D Player Skin

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The 3D Player Skin Addon is an awesome addition for Minecraft players who want to give their skins more depth and realism. With its ability to add a second 3D skin layer, this addon will transform the appearance of your characters and further immerse you in the game world. Don't hesitate to give it a try and experience the thrill of having visually stunning custom 3D skins in Minecraft.

3D Skins:

3D Steve Model

^ Steve Model ^

3D Alex Model

^ Alex Model ^

Skin Installation Mode:

  • Download the 3D Player skin Addon file from the provided link.
  • Locate the "textures" folder inside the 3D Player Skin folder
  • Rename your skin file to "steve.png".
  • Copy and paste your skin in PNG format into the "textures" folder
  • Open Minecraft and load a world.
  • Your 3D skin should now be applied to your character, adding a new layer of depth and realism!

Updated on January 09

  • Thin arm variants added (Alex) (Optimized)
  • Thin arm variants added (Steve) (Optimized)
Download links
3D Player Skin (Alex Model)
3D Player Skin (Steve Model)
Supported versions
1.20.50 1.20.0