Rotation Wrech v0.1.1

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Rotation Wrench its a Add-on to help the players that love building to change the block positions and flip them using a simple tool (Rotation Wrench). Compatible with survival.

Tired of having to change positions to position the blocks in the right way when you're building? With this addon you can change the position of various types of blocks such asย stairs, doors, trapdoors, slabs and many others. (Not all blocks are rotable).


Rotation Wrench Recipe


To rotate the blocks, you need to hold the wrench, right-click or press and hold the screen facing the block that you want to rotate.


Updated on January 19

  • New pack icon.
  • Now a sound is played when you rotate a block.
  • Crafter, Chains and Signs are now rotable.
Changelog for January 16 / Old Update
  • Added showcase video.
Download links
Download Behavior Pack v.0.1.1
Download Resource Pack v0.1.1
Supported versions
1.20.50 1.20.40