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Do you think it is really difficult to farm bone meal in your survival? Compostables+ came to change that! Valuing the reuse of items that are sometimes useless in game, this simple behavior pack will make a variety of 100+ vanilla items compostable + even add a new compost mechanic to your game! In addition to being fully compatible with any other content and working for all platforms in stable/beta versions, this content works as close as possible to vanilla composting mechanics! Let's see it?

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Many more compostable items in your game, making fertilization much more agile. These items include rotten flesh, poisonous potatoes, spider eyes, foods, and many more! (See the list below). In addition to being able to compost items by manually interacting, below are the different compost abilities you can use with this pack:


  • This pack adds the ability to compost items by dropping them inside composters. This feature will also work with those items that are compostable by vanilla!
  • Note: compost-by-dropping can be disabled if that is your preference (see the "Available Commands" section on this page).


  • Compost using hoppers also works with new compostables, just like vanilla composting do. It will always prioritize those items that are compostable by vanilla due to overlap reasons!
  • Warning: for this feature to work, make sure to place the hopper on top of a composter after installing the pack in your world. Or do it by placing the composter below a hopper! (If the pack is disabled and enabled again, you may need to do the same process.)

New Compostable Items (per chance):

  • See below the list of all the vanilla items that will gain compostability from this pack, along with their composting chance. The higher the percentage of an item, the more likely it is for it to add another layer of compost.

New Compostable Items with 10% Chance

New Compostable Items with 30% Chance

New Compostable Items with 50% Chance

New Compostable Items with 65% Chance

New Compostable Items with 85% Chance

New Compostable Items with 100% Chance

Special Credits:

More Compostable Items by Daenvil

Full Showcase Video:

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Follow the steps to download, install and enable the Script.

Downloading the Script:

Click one of the links in the Downloads section, still here on this page.

  • Note: The .mcpack is a file format with automatic installation of the pack on some devices, simply by clicking over the file to open Minecraft and install the Script automatically. But for some devices the .zip may be required, and then you will be able to install manually by extracting the zip and pasting the Behavior Pack folder in its correct directory.

After the link is opened and you are redirected to a Boostellar page, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Click the [ Click on Ad ] button!
  2. A floating tab will appear. Click the [ visit page ] button!
  3. After clicking, do not click any ads. Just wait around 15 seconds, and then get back to the Boostellar page! If any suspicious warning appears here, you don't even need to enter the "suspicious" website. Just wait some seconds and get back safely!
  4. After doing all the above steps, the [ Unlock content ] button will be unlocked. Just click it, and then download the pack via Mediafire!

Installing the Script:

After downloading the Script, follow the steps on how to install it in your game:

MCPACK: if you downloaded the .mcpack file, simply click over it to open Minecraft and install the Script automatically.
Note: If your browser downloaded this file naming it as "", rename this file by removing the ".zip" before clicking on it.

ZIP: if you downloaded a .zip file, you have to install manually by extracting the zip and pasting the folder in its correct directory. The folder named "Compostables+BehaviorPack" must be pasted into (\games\com.mojang\behavior_packs). No Resource Pack is needed for this Script to work!

Enabling the Script:

After installing the Script, just enable it within Behavior Packs in your world to use it!
This Script is fully compatible with any other content, and no experimental option is needed! :)


If you want to review/make a video about this content, don't use your own link, nor use the direct download link via Mediafire. Use the proper link from the MCPEDL page! You are authorized to shorten this link, which should be redirected to this official Script page.

You cannot publish this Script on any page, unless that page is only to describe the Script and, to download, do redirect the user to its official MCPEDL page. You are also not allowed to publish my Script on any application without authorization!

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