New Vanilla Progression - v1.0.0

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Do you think Minecraft is very easy? With this addon, it will no longer be.

New shield recipe:

New Shield Recipe

New furnace recipe:

New Furnace Recipe

New blast furnace recipe:

New Blast Furnace Recipe

How to get bricks?

How to get bricks?

New campfire recipe:

New Campfire Recipe

New textures:

New Furnace Textures

New mob Enchanter:

Enchanter has 2 skills: enchant other illagers and summon books. His drop is a new book with which you can craft the enchantment table. Has a low spawn chance in raids and mansions.

Enchanter Mob

Enchanter Book

New enchanting table recipe:

New Enchanting Table Recipe

New fishing rod recipe:

New Fishing Rod Recipe

Additional changes:

  • Ender pearl is twice as fast.
  • Glow berries give you night vision for 10 seconds.
  • Now you need crying obsidian to craft ender chest.
  • Some zombies can break wooden blocks.
  • Cooking raw iron and gold will now give you nuggets instead of an ingot.
  • Sheep wool can only be obtained with shears.
  • Enchanted illagers will get small buffs from increased speed and damage.


  • A new update will be coming soon, feel free to leave comments and suggestions.
  • Enchanter is a mob originating from Minecraft: Dungeons.

Updated on February 17

  • Added new furnace textures
  • Added new recipes for fishing rod and enchanting table
  • Added new enchanter mob
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New Vanilla Progression - v1.0.0 BP
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  1. QuietLMT profile avatar QuietLMT
    How did you remove the old recipes
  2. Can u please change rhe download link with another shortener? Linkvertise is working very bad.
  3. โ€ข More uses for clays yoi
    โ€ข You have retextured the shield border from iron to diamond to math the recipe, so why not do the same thing on the furnace & blast furnace?
    1. Euforia profile avatar Euforia
      I'll keep it in mind thanks for your feedback.