Hollow And Trypophobia

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Scary and somewhat disgusting? Yes that's the Hollow, the one-and-only discarded iteration of the Warden. Check this addon and mob out and relive the experience of this truly terrifying mob.


The Hollow has an intriguing look, with holes and a flesh-like appearance. It also has a set of unique behavior, personality, and aura.

  • Detects vibrations, but cannot sniff players.
  • Able to regenerate health, but temporarily unable to move.
  • Has decent health value and attack damage.
  • Avoids specified blocks that contain soul energy.
  • Hollow can break some vegetation plants.
  • Hollow affects players, who come into contact with it with nausea effect.
  • Has glowing and pulsating Sculk material inside of its void/holes parts.
  • Drops small amount of XP.
  • Spawns in Caves underground.


Hollow And Trypophobia (screenshot 1)

Hollow And Trypophobia (screenshot 2)

Hollow And Trypophobia (screenshot 3)



FIETDIT - Texture, Model, and Supervision.

WHITE AMETHYST - Texture, Model, Coding, Founder, Etc.

For more info and permission

Contact: @WhiteAmethystt on Twitter or white_amethyst in Discord!

Updated on August 07

Download links
1.0.0 Version
1.1.0 Version
1.1.1 Patch Version
Supported versions
1.20.10 1.20.0 1.19.80 1.19.70 1.19.60 1.19.50 1.19.40 1.19.30 1.19.20
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  1.  profile avatarBALLISTIK profile avatar BALLISTIK
    It would be cool if the hollow could have been given its own sounds, and maybe it's own biome that it can spawn in
    1. Thank you very much for your valuable and helpful ideas and thoughts!

      Yes, I have thought of adding sounds to the Hollow. There are sounds not that have been released yet due to "Technical Difficulties" which I have tried to fixed. I hope that in the next update, these sounds will be added.

      The biome implementation is kinda tricky for me right now and I have thought about creating a Biome for the Hollow. But just like the sound difficulty I have not been able to add it yet.

      I hope to address these issues very soon and I hope for your patience and understanding. Thank you!
  2.  profile avatarEnanoGod profile avatar EnanoGod
    I don't know if they can fix this, but when I try to spawn it in-game it appears for less than a second and instantly disappears. Please fix that I really want to try this addon.
    1. No avatar image FietDit
      you can only spawned it in night time
      1.  profile avatarEnanoGod profile avatar EnanoGod
        I've tried that too, but it doesn't work, is there another solution? Also, on this page it is not said that it can only be spawned at night, it is also seen during the day.
        1. Hello EnanoGod, the hollow does dig when come into contact with sunlight for versions below 1.1.1. Tomorrow when the patch arrives then those issues should be gone in the update.
  3. No avatar image FietDit
    cool addon
    1. >3