Undead Horse Addon

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Simple overhaul for skeleton and zombie horses. Similar to other undead mobs, they spawn at night and are hostile towards players, however, now you can tame them and keep them as loyal companions.


Zombie and skeleton horses spawn during night, wherever undead mobs can spawn, except for underground. Unlike zombie horses, skeleton horses also spawn in the nether (soulsand valley).

Skeleton/Stray Rider:

Skeleton on a Skeleton Horse: Screenshot


Both skeleton and zombie horses can be tamed like regular horses by repeatedly mounting them until the horse stops bucking off the player and hearts appear above the horse, indicating that it is tamed.

However, you need to be careful to not get attacked by the horse while trying to mount it.


  • After successfully taming it, simply equip a saddle, and you're good to go.
  • Also, be sure to equip horse armor to prevent them from burning during the day in sunlight.

Healing & Breeding

  • Zombie Horse: rotten flesh.
  • Skeleton Horse: bonemeal, bone or bone block.
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1 comment
  1. The skeleton horse should not get sunburned, it would be great if it didn't (if the rider mechanic still existed when approaching a trap horse, even during the day) it would be great if this feature were maintained.

    The zombie horse and skeleton horse should be tamed with a new special food like a wheat and rotten meat craft or something similar, and should not be tamesso like normal horses, is my point of view (also so that it is not so easy to tame them and while you feed them they would attack you fiercely, and this would give the rotten meat more use)