Hellfire Mage Boss

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Hellfire Mage is inspired by the Chaos Mage by Modman Production, shout out to him. Hellfire Mage is a mage that controls a massive amount of fire elements. You'll see what I mean.


Hellfire Mage Boss: Model

Health: 900

Melee Damage: 18 + sets you on fire


  • Fire Pillar Attack - Hellfire Mage will shoot out Tall Fire Pillars at the target, damaging them if they get hit or touch it, dealing 10 damage per hit.
  • Summons Living Fires - He will summon Living Fires that will follow the target and attack them before exploding and dealing massive damage.
  • Fire Area Attack - He will conjure a large portion of fire element into a large fire area that deals massive damage to anything or any mob in that area, dealing 20 damage per hit to be exact.
  • He Can Glow - Yes, that's right, whenever he's on the offense, he will glow, covering itself with a nether armor, so yeah.

This is just a simple boss that I made. I might update it with more abilities, but this'll do for now.

Make sure to turn on all experiments for it to work.

Updated on February 04

  • Fixed the lag issues regarding the living fire particles.
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Supported versions
1.20.50 1.19.0
  1.  profile avatarMrChaos profile avatar MrChaos
    Can a hellfire mage be born in the normal world?
    1. not really for now, Idk yet If it's even beatable in survival
  2. Thanks man.