Replay Mod [1.20.70+]: BETA

Thumbnail: Replay Mod [1.20.70+]: BETA

This add-on allows you to record in-game actions and replay it later.

Trailer: 🎥

Features: ✨

  • Records player position.
  • Records player actions: crawling – swimming – flying – sneaking.
  • Records blocks placing and breaking and some block interaction (like opening a door or trapdoor).
  • Smooth camera path and camera options.
  • The ability to add your own skin (you can add more than one. The skin appears depending on the name).
  • The ability to speed up the replay (not recommended, I can’t change the speed of some stuff, like pistons and sounds).

Known Bugs: ⚠

  • Sleeping is not supported, and the player appears floating above the bed.
  • Choppy player movement in the second replay. (re-loading the world after each replay is recommended)

Things that you should know аbout: ❕

  • To prevent item/block duplication, any items dropped around the replay entity will get removed.
  • Explosions are not supported yet and any explosion in the replay area will get removed.
  • Only one player can use the replay at a time. (Too much data).
  • Other players can’t place/break blocks in the replay area.
  • While the add-on on BETA it will only support the official release.

How to add your skin to the mod: 👕

Watch this video if this is too complicated for you:

(👇 click to open link)

Indonesian Video by NAJIB EUY

Let’s add your skin first:

  • Unzip the add-on.
  • Copy your skin to “Replay Mod RPtexturesentity” folder path.
  • Make sure your skin name is without any spaces like all the skins in that folder.

Now let’s edit the entity.json:

  • Open “Replay Mod RPentitysteve.entity.json” with any code editor.
  • Part of the code look like:

Editing entity.json: Step 1

  • Add another line, same as the others and add a comma “,” in the line before the last line:

Editing entity.json: Step 2

Now let’s edit the entity render controller:

  • Open “Replay Mod RPrender_controllersskin.json” with the code editor.
  • Part of the code look like:

Editing Entity Render Controller: Step 1

  • Add the “name1” from the previews step to the array: (don’t forget the comma: “,”)

Editing Entity Render Controller: Step 2

  • Next, let’s edit this:

Editing Entity Render Controller: Step 3

  • Add “array.skin[query.is_name_any('Your in game name')*8” to it. (8 is the number after you + 1)

Editing Entity Render Controller: Step 4

How to use: ⁉

(👇 click to open links)

Portuguese Video by Ponteiiro

Indonesian Video by NAJIB EUY

  • Rename a clock to “replay”.
  • Using the clock will bring up a menu, click record to start recording a scene.
  • After you are done, use the clock again, this will bring up a menu that you can pause or end a scene from it.
  • If you click pause, you can resume the recording. If you click end, you will get to the camera setup stage.
    • Select the first frame 0 and click submit.
    • Position the player and use the clock to submit the camera position and rotation.
    • Repeat those steps from the frames you want.
    • Select the last frame and submit a camera position/rotation to end the camera setup stage.
  • You can now start the replay scene (use the clock to do so). Make sure you are recording.

Requirements: ⚠

  • Holiday Creator Features
  • Upcoming Creator Features
  • Beta APIs

Required Experiments for Replay Mod

Updated on April 13

  • Fixed a problem with some devices that made a class from the Script API not exist.
  • Removed type family "player" from the replay player, so the monsters don't follow them.
Changelog for March 20 / Old Update
  • Fixed the player spawning in the sky after the replay is done.
  • Added a way to reset your build in case any bugs. (";replay reset" command)
Changelog for March 13 / Old Update
  • Fixed some dupe glitches.
  • Removed the invisibility effects.
  • Removed some debugs warning.
  • Now it hides buttons in the replay.
  • Now it removes falling blocks after the replay is done.
Download links
Download for 1.20.70+
Download for 1.20.60+ [no longer receives updates]
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    Amazing addon like always 🧡 people wanted something like this for ages
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