Enchance Vanilla Boss

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This addon adds new items, chestplates and swords. It also enchance the ender dragon and the wither, making them even stronger.

Ender Dragon
  • Health Points: 1000
  • Physical Damage: 10
  • Drops: Ender Dragon Scale 0-8, End Star
  • Projectile: Dragon Fireball "Power: 1.6"
  • Health Points: 550
  • Physical Damage: ---
  • Drops: Wither Bone 0-8, Nether Star
  • Projectile: Wither Skull "Power: 1.3", Blue Wither Skull "Power: 0.7"
Ender Dragon Scale

Used to craft Ender Dragon Sword and Chestplate.

Ender Dragon Scale

Ender Dragon Sword

Sword that shoots ender dragon fireball, be careful at your aim or else it hit you.

Ender Dragon Sword

  • Damage: 30
  • Durability: 8081
  • Projectile: Ender Dragon Fireball

Ender Dragon Sword Recipe

  • 2 Ender Dragon Scales
  • 1 Blaze Rod
  • 1 End Star
Ender Dragon Chestplate

The endermen will ignore you, if you look at their eyes, unless you hit them.

Ender Dragon Chestplate: Screenshot

Ender Dragon Chestplate

  • Protection: 16
  • Durability: 1184
  • Ability: Endermen will become neutral
  • Knockback Resistance: 1

Ender Dragon Chestplate Recipe

  • 8 Ender Dragon Scales
Wither Bone

Used to craft Wither Sword and Chestplate.

Wither Bone

Wither Sword

Sword that shoots wither skulls, be careful at your aim or else it hit you.

Wither Sword

  • Damage: 29
  • Durability: 7071
  • Projectile: Wither Skull

Wither Sword Recipe

  • 2 Wither Bones
  • 1 Blaze Rod
  • 1 Nether Star
Wither Chestplate

The wither skeletons will ignore you, unless you hit them.

Wither Chestplate: Screenshot

Wither Chestplate

  • Protection: 15
  • Durability: 1084
  • Ability: Wither Skeletons will become neutral
  • Knockback Resistance: 2

Wither Chestplate Recipe

  • 8 Wither Bones

End Star

Used to craft the Ender Dragon Sword, when in inventory, it gives resistance to the player.

End Star

Nether Star

Used to craft the Wither Sword, when in inventory, it gives fire resistance to the player.

Nether Star

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