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This addon adds a new boss to your game to fight called "Astrum Deus", a boss from another game (Terraria Calamity Mod) and it's not an easy fight!!!

Story Background

"The Astrum Deus served as the guardian of the cosmos, before it succumbed to the Astral Infection. Following its demise, its soul would recover material from the surrounding infection, in turn reviving itself with a new body to inhabit."

Quote from: Calamity Wiki

- No one knows where he appeared from, as if he had been there since the universe opened - Is described as a blue river entwining the Milky Way, its length can stretch to hundreds of light years, its power is likened to a source capable of destroying any planet it wants, that is. perhaps until it weakens.

In Game

Astrum Deus // 300Hp

Astrum Deus

Astrum Deus Clone (Will Spawn when Astrum Deus less than 70% HP)

Astrum Deus Clone

To summon the Astrum Deus, you need to have an item called "Titan Heart" which you only can get by killing the "Atlas", after all of that, put the item into the "Astral Beacon" in the top of the "Astral Tree".

/// So where is the Atlas? ///

Atlas will spawn in the overworld at night or in a cave like other monsters, but even that thing, Atlas is not a good choice for people to kill with just a Diamond Sword. Make sure that you have enough armor before fighting with him.

Atlas // 100Hp


Atlas has a 80% chance to drop the Titan Heart when it dies.

Titan Heart

Titan Heart

(can be stacked)

// Where are the Astral Beacon and Astral Tree? //

Astral Beacon

Astral Beacon

Astral Beacon can be easily found on the top of the Astral Tree.

Astral Tree

It is a tall tree without any leaves, it will spawn in all overworld and can be found easily.

// The End //

  • So that's everything about this addon, it just a small piece on my Calamity addon coming soon, I hope you guys follow me!
  • You can watch boss fights and other things on my channel: ZEPICOL!

// Credits //

  • This is not the original content, the copyright is still on Calamity mod team.
  • The song used in the addon: "Pest Of The Cosmos" by DOKURO.
  • I'm not the person who makes the original content, so if you want to use this addon on your addon pack or use it source code, just enjoy it yourself! :b (but I'll really be happy if you give me a credit for it)

Thanks for Playing!

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  1. There's a bug where I see a big missing texture thing in the middle of the screen please fix