Vltxs Better Birch Biome

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This add-on enhances the appearance of the birch biome by adding variant shapes and heights of trees, as well as increasing the density of grass. It also introduces elements such as coarse dirt, shrubs, new flowers, and rocks to enrich the gameplay experience.

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Birch Forest Biome:

Featuring abundant grass, rocks, coarse dirt, and several dark blue flowers that enhance the atmosphere of this biome.

Birch Forest Biome: Screenshot 1

Birch Forest Biome: Screenshot 2

Mutated Birch Forest Biome:

In this biome, you can find birch trees with trunks covered in mushrooms.

Mutated Birch Forest Biome: Screenshot

Delphinium Flower:

Grows in the birch biome, holding it can attract bees around.

Delphinium Flower: Screenshot


Now bees are smaller than usual, adult bees are sized at 0.5, and baby bees are sized at 0.3.

Bees: Screenshot


You can use it with almost any addon as this addon DOES NOT USE PLAYER.JSON, so it will be compatible with almost any addon.


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  3. Posting this addon on any website is not allowed without my permission. Additionally, you are allowed to use addon code or textures for learning purposes, and we welcome criticism or suggestions in the comment section.
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Vltxs Better Birch.mcaddon
Supported versions
1.20.70 1.20.60