HorrorCraft: Remastered (BETA)

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This addon adds a mob that makes Minecraft scarier, and it will be better for people who like scary stuff. This addon is for you!

Man From The Fog (Stalker From The Fog)

  • HP: 300
  • DAMAGE: 6

This mob is really hostile and dangerous; it can break blocks that are weak and even doors, and it makes scary sounds! And it doesn't spawn in the entire world for now because it's in beta!

Man From The Fog Model

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  1. Does he spawns naturally? Please keep improving this entity without adding more dwellers (like other horror addons) we really need a standalone Night Dweller addon and this one you made seems to be the best!
  2. Azenski profile avatar Azenski
    Just curious do you want to collaborate sometime in the future?
    1. Yes sometimes I do collaborate
      1. Azenski profile avatar Azenski
        okay good to know Iโ€™ll ask you if I want to collab with you on a project cuz Iโ€™m almost done with a new one I just need to finish some stuff.
      2. Azenski profile avatar Azenski
        Want to help me on a project Iโ€™m working on rn if your not busy?
        1. bitcode profile avatar bitcode
          what is the mod???
          I can model and animate, but not code.
          1. Azenski profile avatar Azenski
            Sorry, I already did the model and Iโ€™m almost done with the animations
  3. How much is currently in this addon
    It looks very interesting
  4. How can i download this
  5. this is interesting but does it brings lightning to it when spawning or does it just spawns normally?
    1. Sorry but its beta which means some of it is not complete so yeah!
  6. I almost forgot to say the cassette recorder and its added already and it has 4 of it with different text
  7. How do I import it to my Minecraft
    1. Rename it to mcaddon and click the arrow on the top to import in minecraft
  8. Azenski profile avatar Azenski
    I saw this mod on Mcpedl once. Nice to see you came to modbay.