Mixed Ores Addon

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This addon introduces 56 new Mixed Ores that will make going on mining trips way more interesting than before. These Mixed Ores are just like mining two ores at the same time, also they can only be found in the Overworld and Nether. Also I have added the Deepslate Varients now you can find the normal ores and the Deepslate ones in caves.

Here are pictures of the Ores!

Mixed gold and iron ores

Mixed redstone and emerald ores

Mixed coal and diamond ores

Mixed coal and emerald ore

New mixed ores in Minecraft

Mixed ores with lapis lazuli

All blocks in this addon.

All mixed ores

All deepslate mixed ores

How do the Ores Work?

If you want both of the items to drop you have to use the right Pickaxe, for example, If you want to mine the Mixed Coal Diamond Ore you have to use at least an Iron Pickaxe to get both of the Drops. If you're using a Wooden or Stone Pickaxe you will only get Coal.

How it works

How mixed ore works


  • This addon isn't fully done, so if you find some bugs or have any suggestions, leave a comment.
  • You are not allowed to Reupload this addon without my permission!
  • Pickaxes from other addons won't work on the Mixed Ores.
Download links
Download - Resource Pack
Download - Behavior Pack
Supported versions
1.19.20 1.19.10 1.19.0
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