Player Heads Add-on

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This add-on allows you to add Player Heads to the game, giving you the ability to customize your game and world.

A while ago, I made a discord bot that generate player heads and add them t a pack. This is a re-work of that bot with more features and options.

Bot Features:

  • Supported skin sizes: 64x64 | 64x32 | 128x128 | 128x64
  • 7 different commands: Create - Add - Change - Remove - Info - Generate - Delete

Add-on Features:

  • Placable heads (with 16 rotations & 4 wall states):

Placable Heads

  • Wearable heads:

Wearable Heads

  • Players killed by another entity drop there head, and the head item will have the killer name:

Head of a Killed Player

  • You can rename player heads with other heads name to get them:

Renaming a Player Head

  • No experimental toggles needed (1.20.70 and above).


Showcase & Tutorial: (there is English subtitle)

Download links
Add Player Heads and get the Add-on (Discord Server)
Supported versions
1.20.80 1.20.70
  1. Mevo profile avatar Mevo
    Fantastic Add-on 🔥
  2. MZ3G profile avatar MZ3G
    Wow bro great idea & addon 🧡🔥
  3. amazing