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This addon adds a new boss known as Dark, who is powerful and chaotic, but most importantly glitchy due to his power. You need to defeat him if you want everything this addon has to offer, so be prepared to fight him. Anyway, there is also a new time stone used to make the timestone sword and pickaxe, as well as miracle gems, which are also useful. Anyway, the main other feature of this addon are the new swords for each boss. The first is the ender dragon sword, which is crafted from an end rod, an eye of ender, 2 dragons breath, and one dragon egg. Next is the wither sword, which requires one soul sand, one nether star, 2 end crystals, 1 wither skull, and 2 soul lanterns. Next are the two other boss swords, the sea sword and the sculked sword. So I don't remember the recipes while typing this, but for the sea sword, you will need a sea star dropped from the elder guardian, and a sculk star for the skulk sword, which is dropped from the warden. There are two extra swords, not including the time sword. These two swords are the Hyper sword and the Hyper Miracle sword, which you have to download the addon to find out about, but now onto the boss. The recipe for its spawn egg includes dragon head, beacon, wet sponge, tinestone, and sculk catalyst, oh, and BTW, the time stone ore generates in lush and dripstone caves at y=0 to bedrock. Now for the final additions, the miracle squid and sniffer. The miracle squid is a tameable glow squid that you can ride.

New Items:

Dragon Sword

Dragon Sword

Hyper Star

Hyper Star

Other Swords

Sea Sword

Sculk Sword

Wither Sword


Sea Star

Sculked Star

Miracle Star

Time Stone

Time Stone Sword

Time Ore

TimeStone Ore

Time Chain

Time Stone Pickaxe

Miracle Stuff

Miracle Spark

Miracle Apple

Miracle Gem Block

Miracle Gem

Updated on May 17

  • Fixed Hyper Miracle Sword recipe
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Supported versions
1.20.80 1.20.70