Giant Reptiles: Titanoboas and Anacondas

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Discover the world of giant reptiles in Minecraft! Take on colossal creatures like the fearsome Titanoboa and the legendary Anacondas from the movies. These giant snakes will bring new challenges and adventures to your world. Do you have what it takes to survive?

Hello and good afternoon, night or day.

You will see that this is the first version of the addon, and it will be updated and polished as much as possible with the updates that will arrive, so it is possible that it has one or another error. Also, please read the warning that will appear until the end of all this. So without anything else to say, let's begin.

You will see how you read in the title that this addon is about creatures from movies, so at the moment, only 4 of the 2 are from movies and the other two are not, which are the following:

Anaconda 4: Trail of Blood

This is the Anaconda that appears in the last film of the Anaconda film franchise, which is Anaconda 4: Blood Trail.

Anaconda 4: Trail of Blood: Screenshot

In the movie, it is just a snake. Here is a brief explanation of the movie:

After the events of the movie Anaconda 3, the boss named Mr. Murdock (I don't know how to spell it) hires a man.

to continue the research in search of a cure for cancer, always experimenting with anacondas and orchids. After several experiments, he manages to find the cure, but he makes a mistake, and that is that the cage that kept the anaconda he was experimenting with escaped because I didn't reinforce the cage, and the anaconda escapes, killing the person. Amanda, our protagonist, who survived the events of Anaconda 3, goes in search of the person the boss hired to destroy the research and stop the experiments. What she did not expect was that she would come across an anaconda that was very different from all the others since it had the ability to regenerate regardless of damage. Will Amanda fulfill her goal and destroy the immortal Anaconda?

  • ATTACK: 50
  • HEALTH: 130
  • SPAWN: At the moment, this anaconda does not spawn naturally.
Anaconda 3: Offspring

This is the Anaconda that appears in the Anaconda movie franchise, specifically in season 3.

Anaconda 3: Offspring: Screenshot

It is based on a black anaconda. For those who do not know anything about this, I will give you a brief explanation: this is an anaconda that escapes from a laboratory that was looking for a cure for cancer, and for that, they experiment with snakes and create two, but due to the boss's recklessness, the two snakes escape, creating a massacre.

  • ATTACK: 50
  • HEALTH: 130
  • SPAWN: During the day, it is rare that it spawns, but it is abundant at night.
Anaconda 2: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid

This is the Anaconda that appears in the Anaconda movie franchise, specifically in season 2.

Anaconda 2: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid: Screenshot

It is based on a black and white anaconda that eats the brunette in a bamboo house. For those who don't know anything about this, I will give you a brief explanation:

A group of researchers rent a boat to go to the Amazon in search of a flower that blooms every few years so they can search for a cure for cancer and other diseases and become rich, but they have a problem when their boat falls over a waterfall and they have to go on foot through the Amazon without realizing that an anaconda has been following them, and things get worse when they realize that they are right in the season when anacondas are looking to mate.

  • ATTACK: 25
  • HEALTH: 100
  • SPAWN: Abundant in both day and night.

Titanoboa: Screenshot

It is not based on any movie, this is a real snake that became extinct millions of years ago. The Titanoboa was similar to a current boa constrictor; however, the jungle environment of so many millions of years ago reveals that it behaved like an anaconda. That is, it moved easily in both river currents and swamps.

  • ATTACK: 80
  • HEALTH: 200
  • SPAWN: During the day, it is rare that it spawns, but it is abundant at night.

Anaconda: Screenshot

It's a normal, ordinary anaconda, it's not from any movie, I just took it from the image you'll see.

  • ATTACK: 15
  • HEALTH: 60
  • SPAWN: Abundant in both day and night.

Human: Screenshot 1

Human: Screenshot 2

They are humans that I believe are not from any movie, image, or game, they were originally made by me. Their names are Steve and Juliet, and at the moment they do nothing but run away from the monsters and the anacondas.

Here I leave you a YouTube video that only shows what the scale of the anacondas is like, what it is like in a survival world, and their behavior.

This is mostly for English speakers; you will see the video; it is in Spanish, but as I said before, I do not give important information; I only show in more detail what the anacondas look like, and so that they do not get lost, the order of the video goes like this: First, you will see the introduction, then you will see the humans, then the anaconda wings.

And finally, with his attacks and a small confrontation against the warden himself, and also at the end, you will see that it is not necessary to activate the experimental functions. The link is also found in the video in a comment, but at the moment I cannot fix it or put thumbnails for little problems that I have with the account. Well, with that said, I don't think they will be lost since, as I said, it is in Spanish and I don't do one in English because I don't give important information that hasn't been said here.


  1. Before you continue, you have to know something, and that is that I am just beginning to understand and make addons. Well, you see, I have never been good at many things, so I did the best I could to create these snakes in BlockBench, and well, I apologize if the anacondas don't look like the movies, if they look ugly, or if they don't have good behavior since I'm not good at modeling or programming.
  2. The addon will not focus only on anacondas; the title it has is temporary. I plan to add other creatures, such as the meg or giant spiders from movies and possibly the tripod from The War of the Worlds, but for the moment, all the anacondas from movies will be introduced first, followed by the next creatures. The creatures that I will introduce with future updates will be mainly from killer animal movies.
  3. The addon was made in official PC version 1.20.73 and was also tested in the latest version, which is 1.20.80, on a Galaxy A03S cell phone, which is a low-end phone, and the addon works perfectly.
  4. It is not necessary to activate the experimental options; the anacondas will appear the same without those options, but I still recommend that you activate them for anything or bugs that may exist.
  5. The addon has only been tested in official versions; I don't know if it works in betas.
  6. If you are going to use this in a video or share it, please use the link on this ModBay page. Thank you.
  7. Well, that's all. See you soon!


  • There are 4 links; the first two are .mcaddon, simply press the RP and open it with Minecraft, and the import will begin. And do the same with the BP.
  • If in this case there is an error when importing them into mcaddon, there are the other two links that are zip files, simply unzip the resource package and the behavior package and transfer them to their respective folders:
    • The behavior pack in data/com.mojang/behavior packs
    • The resource pack in data/com.mojang/resource packs
  • If there is any problem, tell me.
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