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I always thought Caves & Cliffs should have had more than one new ore, so I decided to add my own new ores to this addon: Auxillium, Cosmium, Necrite, Amberine and Aurorus.

DO NOT Reupload my addon anywhere, and do not try to take credit for my work.

What are the new ores?

Auxillium is a new ore that you will find in the overworld; it spawns in both deepslate and regular stone and requires at least an iron pickaxe to be mined.

Auxillium Ore: Screenshot

Auxillium is seen generating in both stone and deepslate.

Cosmium can be found much deeper in your world and, in the end, as crystals (though these crystals yield only mere shards of cosmium).

Cosmium Ore: Screenshot

Cosmium Crystals: Screenshot

Cosmium ore in deepslate, and cosmium crystals in the end.

Necrite, however, requires you to visit the nether, where it can be found usually in caves, embedded in netherrack.

Necrite Ore: Screenshot

Some Necrite ore in a cave wall.

Amberine isn't picky; it can be found commonly across the overworld and nether, although the ore itself is more plentiful in the nether.

Amberine Ore: Screenshot 1

Amberine Ore: Screenshot 2

Amberine can be found across dimensions, like cosmium!

Lastly, Aurorus can only be found at the very bottom of the overworld, right near the lava and bedrock. Once you mine it up, you will have to forge it with diamonds to create the metallic ingot.

Aurorus Ore: Screenshot

This stuff is extra rare!

For the exact specifics (for those who care):

  • Auxillium is found between Y-10 and Y-30.
  • Cosmium is found between Y-0 and Y-60.
  • Necrite is found between Y-1 and Y-35 (nether).
  • Amberine is found between Y-15 and Y-45 (overworld) and between Y40 and Y100 (nether).
  • Aurorus is found between Y-63 and Y-55 (overworld).

Outside of Amberine, these ores can both be used, much like iron, gold, and other ores can be used, for armour and tools!

New Armors: Screenshot

From left to right: Aurorus, Necrite, Cosmium, and Auxillium. All recipes are the same as the vanilla armour and tools.

Auxillium Gear is similar to iron but has more durability, and its armour offers more protection. What's extra unique about it is that when mining a block with an auxillium tool, you have a chance of getting a boost to your mining speed for a second; the same applies to attacking with a sword, with a boost to your attack!

Cosmium gear is a bit stronger than netherite in terms of strength, but it has the downside of drastically lower durability, meaning it will break a lot faster than auxillium, diamond, or netherite gear.

Necrite Gear is about as tough as diamond; however, its best trait is that it withers mobs for a short while after you attack them with a necrite tool. Additionally, it provides fire resistance if the full armor set is equipped.

Aurorus Gear is greatly durable and super fast at mining blocks; however, its attack damage isn't as good as netherite, and its armor has slightly less protection value than diamond. If you were to equip the full armor set, though, you would get a boost to your speed and jump height.

Amberine is too dull for use in tools and armour, but you can see its excellence in the building section later down the page.

All four sets can be trimmed at a smithing table too!

New Trimmed Armors

It doesn't look pretty, but hey, I'm sure you can come up with better combinations.

You can also craft blocks using these materials, which extend further with cosmium, which allows for cosmium bricks, and aurorus, which has a block for its raw and ingot form.

Amberine blocks have much more depth; there are bricks, pillars, and even lamps!

New Blocks: Screenshot 1

New Blocks: Screenshot 2

New Blocks: Screenshot 3

New Blocks: Screenshot 4

New Blocks: Screenshot 5

New: Auxillium Bow

Auxillium Bow

The auxillium bow is crafted with auxillium and string, and it makes a stronger bow with special knockback properties!

The last notable feature is the auxillium apple, which can be crafted the same as a golden apple, but with auxillium, I'll leave it up to you to discover what it does. Have fun!


Thats everything for the addon, i hope you enjoy it and you can join my Discord Server for any issues/questions, or just to see what's next!


  • Make sure to enable Holiday Creator Features
  • Any other experiments will not interfere regardless of if they are enabled

Enabled Holiday Creator Features

Updated on July 03

Version 1.3.2

  • New Auxillium Bow! It has increased durability and draw time and inflicts a unique knockback on its target.

=== CHANGED ===

  • Boosted Armour strength of necrite.
  • Increased Aurorus spawn rate.

=== FIXED ===

  • Aurorus Ingot recipe producing more aurorus than needed.
  • Aurorus Pickaxe producing incorrect loot tables for certain ores.
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