Skill Book | 14 New Skills

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Skill Book is an addon that adds many new skills for players, such as Double Jump, Guard, Bleeding Edge, and Stealth Strike. There are more than 10 new skills for players! You can find the Skill Book in structures spread across all three dimensions.

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These are the available skill:

  1. Double Jump
  2. Air Dash
  3. Guard
  4. Bleeding Edge
  5. Fire Punch
  6. Venom Bite
  7. Dolphin's Grace
  8. True Miner
  9. Undying Will
  10. Blaze Shot
  11. Sonic Boom
  12. Soul Eater
  13. Stealth Strike
  14. Void Walker



Double Jump:

  • Jump 2x to perform a second jump in the air.

Air Dash:

  • Jump 2x then sneak to dash forward in the air.


  • Reduce incoming damage by sneaking with your sword.

Undying Will:

  • Grants speed, absorption, resistance & fire resistance when health is low.

Fire Punch:

  • Burn what you hit.

Bleeding Edge:

  • Inflicts a bleeding effect on the entity hit by the sword.

Venom Bite:

  • Inflicts a poison effect on the entity you are attacking.

True Miner:

  • Get a haste effect when the player is below 0 height.

Dolphin's Grace:

  • Increase the movement speed in the water.

Blaze Shot:

  • Shoot a Fireball.

Sonic Boom:

  • Launch a Sonic Boom.

Soul Eater:

  • Absorb the soul of the player you killed.

Stealth Strike:

  • Sneak and stay still for 8 seconds to enter Stealth mode.

Void Walker:

  • Allows players to walk on the void.


Air Dash Book

Double Jump Book

  • Air Dash: 25%
  • Double Jump: 25%

Village Blacksmith:

Bleeding Edge Book

  • Bleeding Edge: 40%
  • Guard: 20%

Bastion Remnant:

Fire Punch Book 1

Blaze Shot Book 1

  • Fire Punch: 20%
  • Blaze Shot: 10%

Nether Fortress:

Blaze Shot Book 2

  • Blaze Shot: 40%

Ancient City:

Sonic Boom Book 1

Sonic Boom Book 2

Stealth Strike Book 1

  • Sonic Boom: 10%
  • Stealth Strike: 5%


True Miner Book

  • True Miner: 20%

Underwater Ruin:

Dolphin's Grace Book

  • Dolphin's Grace: 30%

Ruined Portal:

Guard Book

Fire Punch Book

  • Guard: 40%
  • Fire Punch: 20%

Desert Pyramid:

Undying Will Book

  • Undying Will: 20%

Jungle Temple:

Venom Bite Book

  • Venom Bite: 50%

Simple Dungeon:

Soul Eater Book

  • Soul Eater: 2.5%

Stronghold Library:

Stealth Strike Book 2

  • Stealth Strike: 20%

End City:

Void Walker Book

  • Void Walker: 10%


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  • Don't upload this resource pack to other websites without my permission.
  • Don't relink.
  • Don't steal my codes.

This resource pack was created by fieryabyss


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