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FIERY COMBAT is an addon that adds many new weapons, armor, and items that can make your adventure even more fun and challenging! This addon changes your fighting gameplay to be more exciting and not boring like vanilla minecraft!

Use FAnimation if you want to get attack, idle, and other animations.

There are more than 20 new weapons and almost 50 new items that you can find in this addon!
Examples of weapons are dagger, claymore, spear, greatsword, halberd, scythe, katana, etc. There are also special weapons such as Sword of Justice, Spear of Thunder, Void Breaker, Ender Claymore, Nichirin and many more!


  • Fire Essence obtained from killing blaze.
  • Katana Sheat & Handle can be purchased from pillager merchant.
  • New potions can be purchased from pillager merchant.
  • Wither Shard obtained from killing wither.

Enchanted Blaze Rod Recipe

Fiery Arrow Recipe

Fiery Bow Recipe

Weapon Upgrade Base Recipe

Basic Weapon Upgrade Recipe

Advance Weapon Upgrade Recipe

Cursed Weapon Upgrade Recipe

Ancient Weapon Upgrade Recipe

Blessed Weapon Upgrade Recipe

Ender Weapon Upgrade Recipe

Enchanted Totem Recipe

Cursed Totem Recipe

Advanced Smithing Table Recipe

Iron Dagger Recipe

Iron Spear Recipe

Iron Halberd Recipe

Iron Broadsword Recipe

Iron Katana Recipe

Diamond Katana Recipe

Darksteel Helmet Recipe

Darksteel Chestplate Recipe

Darksteel Leggings Recipe

Darksteel Boots Recipe

Darksteel Claymore Recipe

Netherite Katana Recipe

Cursed Helmet Recipe

Cursed Chestplate Recipe

Cursed Leggings Recipe

Cursed Boots Recipe

Void Breaker Recipe

Nichirin Recipe

Steel Helmet Recipe

Steel Chestplate Recipe

Steel Leggings Recipe

Steel Boots Recipe

Claymore Recipe

Dragon Pearl Recipe

Ender Trident Recipe

Ender Claymore Recipe

Spear of Thunder Recipe

Straw Hat Recipe

Soul Contract Recipe

If you have any questions, ask on my discord.


Terms of Use:

  • Don't claim this addon as yours.
  • If you review it on YouTube, direct the link to ModBay.
  • Don't upload this resource pack to other websites without my permission.
  • Don't relink.


  • Enable all experimental feature toggles.
Download links
FieryCombatV2BP[mcpack, 1.04 Mb]
FieryCombatV2RP[mcpack, 1.3 Mb]
FAnimation V7
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    bro when the 1.21.0 version for this mod launch?
  2. No avatar image Riki
    Bro when will the Fanimation V8 be updated because in version 1.20.80 there is a bug