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FAnimation is an animation pack inspired by Minecraft Dungeon, there are tons of new animations that make your gaming experience even more fun!

This resource pack also supports Fiery Combat which adds tons of animations for attacking, idle, running, and more.


There are tons of features in this pack, which I will continue to update in the future. Here are the features of this resource pack.


  • Holding Items
  • Walking Animation
  • Running Animation
  • Running Animation with Sword
  • Sneaking Animation
  • Jumping Animation
  • Crawling Animaton
  • Shield Blocking Animation
  • New sneak, walk & sprint animations
  • Punch animation
  • Armor-wearing animation
  • Idle animation on menu
  • Flying animation
  • Fishing animation
  • Death & emerge animation
  • Sit animation


Particles & Special Features:

  • Heart Particles when Players Sneak and hold Flowers
  • Black Smoke Particles when Players hold Dragon Egg
  • Speed Lines Effect when Player is Gliding using Elytra
  • Bubble particles (In water)
  • Sparkle particles (Holding nether start)


FAnimation is now collaborating with Fiery Combat by adding many animations for Fiery Combat.

  • New idle animations like Minecraft Dungeon
  • Remove Variant Cape Textures
  • Improve Attack Animation
  • Improve Walking Animation
  • Improve Running Animation
  • Add Kneeling Animation (Holding yellow dye)
  • Add Sitting Animation (Holding white dye,light gray dye & black dye)
  • Improve Idle animation on water
  • Improve many other animations
  • Removed climbing & riding animations (bug)

Some Screenshots:

FAnimation: Screenshot 1

FAnimation: Screenshot 2

FAnimation: Screenshot 3

FAnimation: Screenshot 4

FAnimation: Screenshot 5

FAnimation: Screenshot 6



Terms of Use:

  • Don't claim this resource pack as yours.
  • If you review it on YouTube, direct the link to ModBay.
  • Don't upload this resource pack to other websites without my permission.
  • Don't relink.

This resource pack was created by fieryabyss

Updated on June 15


  1. Fixed skin & sound bug
  2. New animations for some weapons
U7 / April 24 / Old Update


  1. New sit animations
  2. New running & swimming animation
  3. Remove climbing & riding animation
  4. Remove climbing & riding animation
  5. No experiments are required
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  1. static45 profile avatar static45
    I keep getting this bug where I can't see skins and everyone becomes Steve. Is there any way I can fix this?
  2. Best player animation resource pack I've ever seen. However, there is a bug with the jump running animation were the legs just stay stuck together. And sometimes there is a loud heartbeat-like sound the keeps playing and it starts to get annoying. I hope these could get fixed. But other than that, really great resource pack.