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FAnimation is a player animation resource pack inspired by "Minecraft Dungeons Animations". This resource pack will improve player animation and make it smoother. There are many new features that will certainly make your Minecraft gameplay fun!

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There are tons of features in this pack, which I will continue to update in the future. Here are the features of this resource pack.


  • Holding Items
  • Walking Animation
  • Running Animation
  • Running Animation with Sword
  • Sneaking Animation
  • Jumping Animation
  • Crawling Animaton
  • Shield Blocking Animation
  • New sneak, walk & sprint animation
  • Punch animation
  • Armor-wearing animation
  • Idle animation on menu
  • Flying animation
  • Fishing animation
  • Death & emerge animation


Particles & Special Features

  • Heart Particles when Players Sneak and hold Flowers
  • Black Smoke Particles when Player hold Dragon Egg
  • Speed Lines Effect when Player is Gliding using Elytra
  • Bubble particles (In water)
  • Sparkle particles (Holding nether start)


FAnimation is now collaborating with Fiery Combat by adding many animations for Fiery Combat.

  • New idle animation like Minecraft Dungeon
  • Remove Variant Cape Textures
  • Improve Attack Animation
  • Improve Walking Animation
  • Improve Running Animation
  • Add Kneeling Animation (Holding yellow dye)
  • Add Sitting Animation (Holding white dye)
  • Improve Idle animation on water
  • New Running Animation
  • New Swimming Animation
  • Improve many other animations


This animation pack includes a Cape Physic made by Xqtalyst. I made 12 random cape textures, so players don't just wear 1 boring cape. The cape will change randomly for each player, but you can create a custom cape that will only be used by certain gamertags and will not change.

Custom Cape Tutorial


Random Screenshots



Check out the video below for the full review!



I'm not claiming the Cape Physic Addon made by Xqtalyst, I'm just providing support for it to work in this animation pack.

Terms of Use:

  • Don't claim this resource pack as yours.
  • If you review it on youtube, direct the link to MCPEDL/ModBay.
  • Don't upload this resource pack on other websites without my permission.
  • Don't relink.

This resource pack was created by fieryabyss

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