Baby Ender Dragon

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Have you ever dreamed of having a pet Ender Dragon in Minecraft? With this add-on, it's possible! Now you can tame a baby Ender Dragon to accompany you and defend you in your adventures.

These adorable dragons are peaceful, except if you attack them. They are found in the Nether, specifically in the Warped Forest biome. To tame them, you must feed them with warts from the Nether, although you'll have to be quick, as they tend to try to run away. Once tamed, they will follow you and defend you by throwing damage balls at those who attack you.


  • Baby Ender Dragons will defend you once tamed.
  • You can always give them a visible name.
  • A tamed dragon will have a magenta outline.
  • They have 50 health points.
  • By feeding them with Nether warts, they are tamed and regenerate their life.
  • They do not grow, they will always be babies.
  • They are spawned in the Warped Forest biome of the Nether.
  • You can also summon them with the command: /summon add:baby_ender_dragon.
  • When killed, it can drop an ender eye.

Download this addon and add these fascinating dragons to your worlds!


CREATOR: Andiuber
FACEBOOK: @AndiuberOficial
TWITTER: @AndiuberOficial
YOUTUBE: Andiuber
TIKTOK: @andiuber



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