Expanded Archeology

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A simple expansion for Minecraft's archeology system.

Expanded Archeology adds a few extra features to fit with Minecraft's archeology system!

First, this add-on adds a new workstation, the Archeology Table!

Archeology Table ModelArcheology Table GUI

This new workstation can be crafted using 4 planks and 2 smooth stone blocks.

Archeology Table Crafting Recipe

Right now, it can only be used to (1) duplicate pottery sherds, and (2) it offers an alternative method of duplicating armor trims.

Pottery sherds can be duplicated using a clay ball in the Archeology Table. This will work with any sherd!

Pottery Sherd Duplication Example

This add-on also introduces a new smithing template, but this template is blank! It can be duplicated like any other smithing template using terracotta and diamonds, or you can use it to duplicate any other armor trim!

Blank Smithing Template duplicated in a Crafting TableDuplicating a Different Armor Trim

It can even be used to duplicate itself, though we're not sure why exactly you'd do that.

Finally, we get to some new artifacts.

First we have the Stone Tablet. This item can be dug up from the ground or found in a dungeon. It's only use is to make a new decorative block, the Stone Glyph block! This block displays a character from the Standard Galactic Alphabet, which can be changed by interacting with the block while holding a pickaxe!

Stone Glyph BlockStone Glyph Crafting Recipe

Straight from Minecraft: Dungeons, this add-on introduces the Totem of Regeneration. While holding it you get the Regeneration effect!

Regeneration Totem

This totem can be rarely dug up in a new structure. This old ruined house will spawn in forests and plains, and the floor will have suspicious gravel ready to be brushed away!

Abandoned House

More artifacts and structures will be added in future updates too!

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