Eyes o' World

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Entering The End dimension is Shortcutable, especially for speedrunners
Therefore the Overworld dimension isn't necessary to be Fully Enjoyed

What about Exploring the world to search multiple eyes that used for opening the end portal?

Introducing the Eyes o' World!

This addon is Inspired by "End Remastered" mod made by Jack_Bagel

And the mod is GNU Lesser General Public Licensed


The Eyes:

โ—† Eye of Ankh:

Eye of Ankh

"Once belonged to the god of desert"

Can be found in Desert Temple!

โ—† Eye of Power:

Eye of Power

"Evidence of an ancient civilization with modern technology"

Can be found in Jungle Temple!

โ—† Eye of Blizz:

Eye of Blizz

"Once buried in thousands of years old ice"

Can be found in Igloo!

โ—† Eye of Nether:

Eye of Nether

"Only few could endure it's terrible gaze"

Can be found in Nether Fortress!

โ—† Eye of Wither:

Eye of Wither

"The devastation has been brought to an end"

Can be obtained by killing the Wither!

โ—† Eye of Sorrow:

Eye of Sorrow

"It's tears can froze an entire sea of lava"

Can be found in Bastion Remnant!

โ—† Eye of Kraken:

Eye of Kraken

"Remains of a monster that once lived in the sea depths"

Can be found in Buried Treasure!

โ—† Eye of Elder:

Eye of Elder

"Still emits portions of it's laser"

Can be obtained by killing the Elder Guardian!

โ—† Eye of Warden:

Eye of Warden

"Better to keep this away from the owner"

Can be found in Ancient City!

Once every eye has been obtained/found, combine them into Eyes of Ender...

Eyes of Ender Recipe

Then use it to locate the stronghold & open the end portal!

โ—† Eye of Void:

Eye of Void

Used for crafting End Crystal & Ender Chest


Eye of Void Recipe



โ—† Jack_Bagel for the mod that Inspires this addon!



Required Experimental Feature:

Required Experiments for Eyes o' World Addon

โ—† Working on 1.20.30 & Above!

Collect the Eyes!


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1.21.0 1.20.80 1.20.70 1.20.60 1.20.50 1.20.40 1.20.30