OresDimension V1.1

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This addon adds new ores for the dimensions of the End and the Nether, the ores will be vanilla, either diamond, gold, emerald, etc. This is for both the end and the nether, soon I will add completely new ores outside of vanilla.

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  • You can use it with almost any addon as this addon DOES NOT USE PLAYER.JSON, so it will be compatible with almost any addon, and you can easily put it at the end if you want.

Experimental Options👾

  • This addon does not need any experimental options to work correctly.


  • As mentioned previously, this addon will add vanilla minerals to the nether and end dimensions, giving more life to these dimensions and having more reasons to go. Rare minerals will appear more frequently in these dimensions than in the normal world.
    • Coal Ore
    • Lapis Ore
    • Iron Ore
    • Redstone Ore
    • Gold Ore
    • Diamond Ore
    • Emerald Ore
  • Here are some images to show that ores do appear in the dimension of the End:

End Ores: Screenshot 1

End Ores: Screenshot 2

End Ores: Screenshot 3

  • Here are some images to show that ores do appear in the dimension of the Nether:

Nether Ores: Screenshot 1

Nether Ores: Screenshot 2

Nether Ores: Screenshot 3


Download links
OresDimension BH V1.1 (1.21)
OresDimension RS V1.1 (1.21)
Supported versions
1.21.0 1.20.80 1.20.70 1.20.60 1.20.50 1.20.40 1.20.30 1.20.10 1.20.0