Crafting Elytra 1.21

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Crafting Elytra 1.21.1

  • If you have difficulty making elytra, this addon is for you! You can now craft elytra at the workbench.
  • This addon has been converted from Java to Bedrock.

How to use? How to craft?

You can craft it as in the image:

Elytra Recipe

The materials required are as follows:

  • 2 strings
  • 2 netherite scrap
  • 4 phantom membranes

Working versions: 1.21.1 (I don't know if it works at 1.20 or not)

❗️You don't need to activate any experiments for it to work.

If you encounter a bug, report it in the #bugs-reports channel on my Discord Server.

By dark.exe 😀

Download links
Crafting Elytra[mcpack, 15.26 Kb]
My Discord Server
Supported versions
1.21.10 1.21.0