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Punching down a tree, Craft some planks to make wooden pickaxe...
Then Mine some cobbletones to make stone tools...

That's Too Fast to reach the stone age on the first day...
Do you want Some Twists to make them Realistic/Believable?

That's what this addon Does!

This addon is Inspired by "No Tree Punching" mod made by AlcatrazEscapee & "Realistic Torches" mod made by Chaosyr

And the mod is MIT Licensed




Back to the Addon Explanation...


◆ Logs & Planks:

No Planks Recipe

Now you can't just put a log on your crafting grid to craft planks

You need a new block called Chopping Block
But this block needs an axe to be used!

No Sticks Recipe

You also can't just turn planks into sticks

You need a new item called Saw
But this item is made of iron!


◆ Gravel/Flint:

After breaking gravel to get flint:

Knappable Flint Recipe

1. Turn the vanilla flint into knappable flint on crafting grid

Obtaining Flint Shards

2. Knap (place) the knappable flint on hard blocks! (Stones/Metals)

  1. 75% chance for success crush into 1-2 Flint Shards
  2. 25% chance for failed crush
  3. It can be turned back into vanilla flint


◆ Stick:

Obtaining Sticks

Break Leaves/Dead Bushes to get Sticks!


◆ Plants:

After getting flint shard & stick:

1. Craft a Flint Knife

Obtaining Plant Fibers

2. Cut some Grass/Fern/Vines to get Plant Fibers!

3. Craft a Plant String from 3 Plant Fibers


◆ Chopping Logs:

After getting flint shards, sticks & plant strings:

1. Craft a Flint Axe

2. Strip a log into stripped log

Chopping Logs

3. Place the stripped log on the chopping block

4. Chop it into planks

That's how to get planks!

◆ Chopping Planks:

Chopping Planks

1. Place planks on the chopping block

2. Chop it into sticks


◆ Sawing:

When you have iron ingots:

1. Craft a Saw

Crafting Planks & Sticks with Saw

2. Use it to craft planks & sticks


◆ Rocks & Sticks:

Rocks & Sticks on the ground

They're scattered everywhere on the ground!

Collecting Rocks & Sticks

1. Can be picked up by breaking it/right-clicking it

Cobblestone Recipe from Rocks

2. Can be turned into the respective stone types if you have 4 of them

All Rock Types

Cobblestone - Andesite - Diorite - Granite - Sandstone - Red Sandstone



◆ Basics:

Basic Items

• Flint Shard

Obtained by Knapping (knappable) flint on hard blocks (stones/metals)

• Plant Fiber

Obtained by Cutting grass/fern/vine with Knives

• Plant String

Plant String Recipe

It can also be smelted into string on campfires/furnace


◆ Knives:


Flint & Iron


Knives Recipes


◆ Flint Toolset:

Flint Toolset


Flint Toolset Recipes


◆ Utilities:

Utility Items

• Fire Starter


Used for crafting campfires as early-game cooking station...

Campfires Recipes

Or just burn your feet

Burning your feet

• Macuahuitl


Early-game weapon, as strong as stone sword but it has weaker durability than wooden sword

• Saw


Used for crafting planks & sticks without the chopping block

• Sawdust


Obtained by cutting log on stonecutter

Paper Recipe from Sawdust

Used as an alternative ingredient for crafting paper


◆ Clay Making:

Clay Making Items

• Clay Tool

Clay Brick Recipe

Used for crafting clay brick...


Clay Tool Recipe

• Clay Brick

Brick Recipe from Clay Brick

The true form of clay ball made with clay tool & can be smelted into brick


Clay Brick Recipe

• Clay Flower Pot

Flower Pot Recipe from Clay Flower Pot

Unsmelted version of flower pot, so smelt it into flower pot


Clay Flower Pot Recipe


◆ Torch:

Torch Items

• Unlit Torch

Unlit Torch Recipe

The result of the vanilla respective torch recipes are the Unlit Torch, not the vanilla torch

Unlit & Lit Torches

  • As the name suggests, Unlit Torch doesn't give any light. Interact it with Flint & Steel or Matchbox to lit it up into Lit Torch
  • Lit Torch will burn out after 4 Hours into Unlit Torch, then it can be lit again

• Matchbox

Used for litting up the Unlit Torch. It has 64 points of durability and repairable with Flint Shard...


Matchbox Recipe

• Glowstones

Torch Recipes from Glowstones

Used for crafting the normal torch without the matchbox...


• Glowstone Paste

Glowstone Paste Recipe

• Glowstone Crystal

Glowstone Crystal Recipe



◆ AlcatrazEscapee & Chaosyr for their Mods that Inspires this addon!
◆ Laith for Allowing me to use his Torch Template!

Permission from Laith:

Permission from Laith



Required Experimental Feature:

Required Experiments for True Start Addon


◆ English
◆ Русский
◆ 简体中文

◆ Working on 1.20.30 & Above!

Enjoy the Progression!


> My Discord <

For Addon Progression, Support, Suggestion, Bug Report & Hang-Out!

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