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Looking for new survival experience? You are in the right place! Expand your world with new cave biomes, structures, and cool ambient mobs! If you are more into building, amphibolite blocks will definitely come in handy! You love world exploration? Garnet caves, new structures and archeology expeditions are waiting for you!


All the features will be split into categories depending on which version they were implemented in!



Random Add-On v1.0.0: Screenshot 1

Random Add-On v1.0.0: Screenshot 2

Random Add-On v1.0.0: Screenshot 3

Random Add-On v1.0.0: Screenshot 4

Random Add-On v1.0.0: Screenshot 5

Random Add-On v1.0.0: Screenshot 6

Random Add-On v1.0.0: Screenshot 7


  • Calcite Blocks
  • Amphibolite Blocks
  • Sandstone Bricks and Tiles
  • Wax Block! Its' texture was found in 1.15 files but never made it into the game! Obtained by smelting Honey Block!
  • Mossy Deepslate Bricks
  • Mossy and Cracked Mud Bricks
  • Amethyst and Deepslate Amethyst Ore


  • Crystallized Honey! Another texture found in 1.15 yet not added. A new food item which is obtained by smelting Honeycomb.
  • Emerald Armor and Tools! When wearing a full armor set, player gets additional health bar! And each tool, when mined a block or hit entity, gives player effect for a couple of seconds: Pickaxe - Heist 1; Axe - Speed 1; How - Strength 1; Shovel - Water Breathing; Sword - Regeneration.


  • Amethyst and Deepslate Amethyst Ore geerates only in Lush Caves and drops 1 - 2 amethyst shards.
  • Amphibolite, a new stone variant which generates all around the world between Y levels 90 - 256.



Random Add-On v1.0.1: Screenshot 1

Random Add-On v1.0.1: Screenshot 2

Random Add-On v1.0.1: Screenshot 3

Random Add-On v1.0.1: Screenshot 4

Random Add-On v1.0.1: Screenshot 5


  • Turqoise Froglight
  • Netherite Ore
  • Calcite, Sandstone Tiles and Bricks, and Amphibolite Stairs
  • Rose
  • Snowy Cobblestone! Crafted from snow block and cobblestone.


  • Rose! You can put it in off-hand, crafted from Rose Bushes


  • Netherite Ore! Found all over the nether between Y levels 0 - 20. Smelting it will produce 1 netherite ingot! (Subjected to change in near future)


  • Blue Frog! A new frog variant, obtained by growing a tadpole in Deep Dark! By eating magma cubes, Blue Frog will drop Turqoise Froglight!
  • Allay, once striken with a lighting bolt, will turn into Vex! (Who needs it, but why not =/ )



Random Add-On v1.0.2: Screenshot 1

Random Add-On v1.0.2: Screenshot 2

Random Add-On v1.0.2: Screenshot 3

Random Add-On v1.0.2: Screenshot 4

Random Add-On v1.0.2: Screenshot 5

Random Add-On v1.0.2: Screenshot 6


  • Citrine Geode Blocks, similar to Amethyst Geodes
  • Glowing Glass! Cafted similar to tinted glass, but with citrine shards!


  • Citrine Shards
  • Citrine Cluster and Buds
  • Bucket of Adult Green Axolotl
  • Bucket of Baby Green Axolotl


  • Deep Dark Shacks! A structure that was showen to us at Minecraft Live 2020 for demostrational purposes! The loot is the same as in Ancient Cities, expect you can't get Sweaft Sneek and Armor Trims here!
  • Citrine Geodes! They generate the same way as Amethyst Geodes do!


  • Mooblooms! Mooblooms spawn in Meadows, Sunflower Plains, and Flower Forests! Interacting with Yellow Moobloom with Bonemeal in your hand will make Moobloom generate one-block-tall flower undern itself! But you turn in into Red Moobloom if 2 conditions meet: 1) Yellow Moobloom is in Meadow Biome 2) You interact with Poppy on Yellow Moobloom. Red Mooblooms will grow two-block-tall flower under itself itself! Breading any type of Mooblooms requires Dandelion!
  • Frostbyte! A new snowy zombie variation! When it takes its' target, the target gets Slowness effect for 30 seconds. Killing a Frostbyte will produce it release a Snow Explosion which gives Slowness effect for 30 seconds to all targets in 10 block radius!
  • Green Axolotl! Showen at Minecraft Live 2020, but never added to the game... Anyway, the only diffirence between Green Axolotl and other variants is that Green Axolotl is made as a separate mob for technical reasons!


  • Craft Sculk with 9 echo shards in 3 x 3 grid!



Random Add-On v1.0.3: Screenshot 1

Random Add-On v1.0.3: Screenshot 2

Random Add-On v1.0.3: Screenshot 3

Random Add-On v1.0.3: Screenshot 4

Random Add-On v1.0.3: Screenshot 5

Random Add-On v1.0.3: Screenshot 6

Random Add-On v1.0.3: Screenshot 7

Random Add-On v1.0.3: Screenshot 8


  • Garnet Blocks
  • Quicksand
  • Blueberry Bush
  • Granite, Diorite, and Andesite Bricks


  • Magical Necklace! There are 4 types of necklace! You can find an Empty Necklace only in NEW Desert Temple (from v2.0.0)! Combine Empty Necklace with one of 3 crystal shards! You can wear it and get 2 special effects! Empty Necklace - No Effects; Amethyst Necklace - Night Vision, Water Breathing; Citrine Necklace - Jump Boost 1, Speed 1; Garnet Necklace - Heist 1, Speed 2. NOTE: THESE ARE ALREADY RE-BALANCED EFFECTS FROM v2.0.0, WHICH I WILL TALK ABOUT LATER IN THIS ARTICLE!
  • Blueberries! A new food item!
  • Garnet Shard
  • Garnet and Gargot Crystals


  • Quicksand! Generates all around the deserts!
  • Blueberry Bush! They generate only in Dark Oak Forest, Swamp, and Mangrove Swamp!
  • Garnet Caves! Because it's currently imposible to make custom biomes, I made Garnet Caves such way to generate only under Beach, Jungle Edge, Mutated Birch Forest, Mesa Plateu, and Mutated Desert Hills! Be careful, because there are a lot of Garpite Crystals, it's a trap block which destroys itself and damages the target which fell on it! Garnet and Gargot crystals drop itself when broken even without Silk Touch, but they have a small chance to drop Garnet Crystal instead of itself!


  • Butterflies! An ambient mob which spawns in Meadow, Plains, Sunflower Plains, Flower Forest, and Forest!
  • Beekeeper Villager! A new villager profession! You can't find it in any type of village and you have to "make" it yourself! Because of technical reasons, to get this villager, you need to use Beehive on any villager expect Nitwit! The villager will turn into Beekeeeper, which is also, for technical reasons, is made as a separate mob! An example of its' trade table is in photo galery for v1.0.3!



Random Add-On v1.0.4: Screenshot 1

Random Add-On v1.0.4: Screenshot 2

Random Add-On v1.0.4: Screenshot 3

Random Add-On v1.0.4: Screenshot 4

Random Add-On v1.0.4: Screenshot 5

Random Add-On v1.0.4: Screenshot 6

Random Add-On v1.0.4: Screenshot 7

Random Add-On v1.0.4: Screenshot 8

Random Add-On v1.0.4: Screenshot 9

Random Add-On v1.0.4: Screenshot 10

Random Add-On v1.0.4: Screenshot 11


  • Mushroom Caves Blocks
  • End Forest Blocks
  • End Wood Set (almost full)
  • Growing Sunflower
  • Stone Tiles
  • Sandstone and Snadstone Bricks Glyphs
  • Cacoon Block


  • Mushroom Caves Vegetation
  • Infected Mushroom Stew! When eaten, give effects for a couple of seconds.
  • End Forest Vegetation
  • Suunflower Seeds! Crafted from sunflowers! You can see recipe in-game in crafting table, or in v1.0.4 photo galery! Place them on farmland to grow sunflowers!
  • Unshelled Sunflower Seeds! Smelt Sunflower Seeds to get Unshelled Sunflower Seeds, a new food item!
  • Ender Cruncher Tooth! Craft Bonemeal from it!


  • Mushroom Caves! They generate under Mushroom Island! They are full of infected moss, mushroomy stones, other vegetation, and shroomblossoms! Shroomblossom in a mushroom which emmits ambience particles like sporeblossom! Also, if you break it, a big sphere of yellow particles will fly out of it, and everyone in a specific radius will get poisoned, but it will drop some loot if you are lucky enough!
  • End Forest! Generates all around End Dimension!
  • Bamboo now generates in Cherry Groves!


  • Cluckshrooms! A mb from Minecraft Earth! THey spawn on Mushroom Island, and similar to Mooshrooms, you can milk them with bowl and shear them!
  • Infected Spider! They spawn in Mushroom Caves and they are very fast! They act similar to Spiders, so they may not attack you on light! On attack, they give its' target Slowness, Poison, and Nausia, so be really careful wandering around these caves!
  • Radioactive bug! It looks similar to Bees, and spawn in Mushroom Caves! They give posion to players if they get in thier specific radius!
  • Ender Cruncher! These beasts spawn in End Forest! They are quite dangerous, and on attack they have a chance to cacoon its' target! (cacoon system added in v2.0.0)


  • You can now smelt Raw Ore Blocks! This means you can now smelt Raw Copper, Raw Gold, and Raw Iron Blocks into full Copper, Gold, and Iron Blocks!



Random Add-On v2.0.0: Screenshot 1

Random Add-On v2.0.0: Screenshot 2

Random Add-On v2.0.0: Screenshot 3

Random Add-On v2.0.0: Screenshot 4

Random Add-On v2.0.0: Screenshot 5

Random Add-On v2.0.0: Screenshot 6

Random Add-On v2.0.0: Screenshot 7

Random Add-On v2.0.0: Screenshot 8

Random Add-On v2.0.0: Screenshot 9

Random Add-On v2.0.0: Screenshot 10

Random Add-On v2.0.0: Screenshot 11

Random Add-On v2.0.0: Screenshot 12

Random Add-On v2.0.0: Screenshot 13

Random Add-On v2.0.0: Screenshot 14

Random Add-On v2.0.0: Screenshot 15

Random Add-On v2.0.0: Screenshot 16

Random Add-On v2.0.0: Screenshot 17

Random Add-On v2.0.0: Screenshot 18

Random Add-On v2.0.0: Screenshot 19

Random Add-On v2.0.0: Screenshot 20


  • Granite, Diorite, and Andesite Tiles
  • Cracked Stone Tiles
  • Stone Tiles Slab and Stairs
  • Mossy and Cracked Bricks
  • Dinosaur Eggs
  • Infested Sand
  • Infested Gravel
  • Araucaria Tree Blocks
  • Araucaria Wood Set (almost full)
  • Ancient Dirt
  • Fragile Jade Block! They break overtime or if player steps on it!


  • Spear! A new weapon! It is similar to trident, but is a bit weaker! Spears don't have durability, but have a 5% chance to break on impact! Spear can only be found in NEW Desert Temple, Dark Oak Forest Ruins, and Dinosaur Cemetery!
  • Ancient Whistle! A new weapon! Found only in NEW Desert Temple in treasure loot chests! They have 100 points of durrability! When used, a sound wave flies out and damages all target in 10-block-radius! All target caught in this radius also get a big Slowness effect and also Poison effect! Ancient Whistle have a 5-second-cooldown!
  • Blue Bonnets! A new Sniffer Plant!
  • Bue Bonnets Seeds! You can get them from Sniffer, by trading with Wandering Archeologist, or in Dinosaur Cemetery! You can't bonemeal growing state of Blue Boonets (bug), but you can use Honeycomb on a growing state of Blue Bonnets to stop them from further growing!
  • Muppet Egg! Found only in Beach Ruins and Dinosaur Cemetery!
  • Tabilo Egg! Found only in Beach Ruins and Dinosaur Cemetery!
  • Araucaria Sapling
  • Emerald Armor is now trimmable!


  • Stone Beach Ruins
  • Beach Ruins
  • Dark Oak Forest Ruins! These are ruins showed to us at Minecraft Live 2020!
  • Dinosaur Cemetery! There are 3 type of them: Sniffer Cemetery, Muppet Cemetery, and Tabilo Cemetery! They generate in Mega Taigas and they contain all 3 dinosaur eggs if you are lucky enough!
  • Desert Temple! A NEW, big, exciting, dangerous Desert Temple which generates in Deserts! They have 3 types of trials: Spawners, Parkour, and Labyrinthe! There is also parkour section at the upper floor of deset temple, but it is same in all temple types! There are 2 loot types: Common and Rare. Rare loot chests only generate in lower and upper trials. The loot around all pots in the same. Also, don't forget to grab your Brush!
  • Araucaria Trees! They generate in Savanna biomes!


  • Muppet! The second Sniffer Era dinosaur! Muppet has three variations like frogs: cold, warm, and temperate! Muppet can walk on water replacing water with Ancient Dirt under itself! If you feed Muppet a specific item it will show random biome coordinates depending on item you gave it: Poppy - Warm Biomes; Dandelion - Temperate Biomes; Pumpkin Seeds - Cold and Mountain Biomes; Seagrass - Ocean Biomes; Red or Brown Mushroom - Mushroom Island. Note, that when you give Muppet one of these items, it has 5-minute-cooldown, before you can feed it again! If no coordinates weren't shown, that meens Muppet just couldn't find that biome, and you should try next time! You can also tame Muppet with Blue Bonnets Seeds, and once it's tamed, you can ride it, no items required, like horse or camel! Damaged Muppet can be healed with Blue Bonnets Seeds! To breed two Muppets, they must has full health!, they are breeded using Blue Bonnets Seeds!
  • Tabilo! The third Sniffer Era dinosaur! When Tabilo has hatched from egg, it will be wild, and haunt almost everything alive, including player! You can tame Tabilo with all sorts of Raw Meat and Rotten Flesh! Once Tabilo is tamed, it won't haunt player and other items, and will behave similar to dogs! You can sit tamed Tabilo! Once Tabilo in tamed, it's helth is doubled, and you can heal it with the same items you tame it with incase it gets damaged! Tabilo has 3 diffirent attacks: First - Regular Melee Attack; Second - Stomp Attack, Tabilo stomps the ground and does a big shockwave; Third - Captures target in Fragile Jade Block box, similar to Ender Cruncher! To breed two Tabilo, they must has full health!
  • Woodlouse! This mob lives in Infected Sand and Infected Gravel! To find it, use brush on Infected Blocks, and it will have 26% chance to imerge from them! Also, about Infected Sand and Gravel, they look the same as regular sand and gravel, so you will just have to manually try to find these, and when intaracted with brush, they turn into regular sand or gravel! Anyway, back to Woodlouse! If you give Woodlouse a specific item, it will search for that block! For example, if you give it Diamond, it will search for Stone or Deepslate Diamond Ore! When it found a block underneath itself, somewhere in the ground, it will start digging till it gets to the destination! After Woodlouse finds a block, it will have a 5 minutes coldown before you can give it another item, but if Woodlouse wasn't able to find targetd block in a perioud of 5 minutes, it will stop searching and play sad animation, and also have 5 minutes cooldown! You can see a full list of items which you can give to Woodlouse in v2.0.0 photo galery!
  • Wandering Archeologist! Similar to Wandering Trader, but has Mule as a pet, spawns in Biomes where Archeology can be done, and sells all sorts of Archeology related items!
  • Mummy! They spawn only in NEW Desert Temples! They give Darkness Effect to everyone who gets in its' 3-block-radius! Mummy will attack player, and also summon Dark Arts!
  • Dark Art! It is similar to Vex!


Thanks to my friend Nerpa4ch (YouTube channel link bellow), Random Add-On just got brnad new, fresh look! So, all the textures that you've seen here are already new, updated textures!


  • Stone Tools can now be crafted from Diorite, Granite, and Andesite!
  • Added crafting recipes for Calcite, Tuff, and Amphibolite!
  • Chainmail Armor can now be crafted from Chains!
  • Added new menu title, panorama, and a new soundtrack made by Steve!

v2.0.1 HOTFIX


  • Moved End Wood to Wood tab in creative inventory


  • Fixed Muppet not tameable when hatched from Muppet Egg
  • It takes less time for Muppet replace water with Ancient Dirt under itself
  • Decreased Wandering Archeologist spawn rate



Random Add-On v2.0.2 is finally out, moving Add-On to the new Scripting System! This was made due to experimental toggle Holiday Creator Features getting removed in 1.21.20, so that means if creators won't update their Add-On to the new Scripting System, their Add-On will break! Well, by saying Add-Ons will break, I mean block and item events will break if not moved to scripting! In this update, I've completely moved Add-On to scripting, and besides that, implemented quite some other bugs fixes and improvements!

Now, before we get to all the bug fixes and improvements, please read the next paragraph:

  • As we are currently in 1.21.1 update of Minecraft, new Custom Components (new Scripting System) are currently in experimental!
  • Below, there are 2 download links: BEFORE 1.21.20 and AFTER 1.21.20
  • The reason that there are to links is because currently, in 1.21.1, in Scripts, there is a parameter called blockTypeRegistry, and in 1.21.20 it will be renamed to blockComponentRegistry, so that means if you won't download AFTER 1.21.20 version after 1.21.20 will release, Random Add-On will break!
  • Even tho in 1.21.20 Custom Components will move to stable, you still need the Beta APIs experimental toggle, since there are some events which aren't Custom Components, but are still in experimental!
  • So basicaly, download BEFORE 1.21.20 version before 1.21.20, and AFTER 1.21.20 version after 1.21.20 will release, but note, it's mandatory to update!

With that out of the way, let's get straight to the bug fixes and improvements


  • Blue Bonnets can now be Bone Mealed (Bug Fix)
  • Add-On Trapdoors and Fence Gates can now be activated with Redstone
  • Some blocks are now waterlogable! More blocks in the future are expected to be made waterlogable
  • Now, to change Stair's shape, you need to sneak and interact with stair with an empty hand
  • Purple and Glowing Mushroom re-textures
  • Blue Bonnets Seeds re-texture
  • While mojang haven't fixed custom blocks mining speed with vanilla tools, I've added a temporary work-around for it in this update
  • Some blocks now drop teir item form when being Silk Touched! Some big changes to this be implemented in the next update


  • Fixed Spear charging animation in third person (Bug Fix)


  • Decreased Dinosaur Cemetery generation rate
  • Decreased Dark Oak Forest Ruins generation rate
  • Decreased Deep Dark Shack generation rate

The Add-On no longer requires Custom Biomes experimental toggle!


  • Fixed Cluchrooms not being able to be breed with Seeds (Bug Fix)
  • Fixed Woodlouse digging through Bedrock (Bug Fix)
  • Tamed Muppet can now be sit
  • Increased Tabilo's states:
    • Health: 20 -> 30
    • Attack Damage: 5 -> 8
  • Decreased Wandering Archeologist spawn rate


  • Wooden block like sticks, crafting tables, fletching tables, etc. can now be crafted from End and Araucaria Wood
  • Stone blocks are now droped only if mined with pickaxe


  1. Click the Download link
  2. On Boostellar page by Clicking on Ad and waiting around 15 seconds on the Ad page
  3. Go back to Boostellar page and go to Mediafire Download page
  4. When Add-On has downloaded, find it in your file explorer
  5. Open file in Minecraft
  6. Before joining the world, please enable Experimental Toggle listed below
  7. Add BP and RP to your world, and creat world!
  8. Enjoy! =)

Required Experiments for Random Add-On

Download links
Download Random Add-On v2.0.2 (BEFORE 1.21.20) (Boostellar)
Download Random Add-On v2.0.2 (AFTER 1.21.20) (Boostellar)
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  1. No avatar image Anonymous
    I'm not too sure about some of the mob textures. Could you make some of them, (esspecally the tabilo and woodlouse) look more like minecreaft mobs? It looks like a really cool mod!
    1. VLAD360 profile avatar VLAD360
      idk if my artist can make the tabilo and woodlouse textures any better, he was making tabilo for several days, trying to make it minecraft-like, and woodlouse, eh, idk. but anyway, im glad u like the add-on! enjoy! =)
      1. No avatar image Anonymous
        Oops, I didn't mean the tablio, I meant the Ender ccruncher. I can see all the good work your putting into this, thanks!