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This addon adds portable beacons to give the player and the nearby player effects. This addon really helps for survival, but it needs a lot of levels but trust me, it's worth it.

Beacon Table:

Beacon Table


Beacon Table: Screenshot 1

Beacon Table: Screenshot 2


Beacon Table Recipe

  • Beacon table is used to trade that is related to beacon.

Empty Beacon Bag:

Empty Beacon Bag


Empty Beacon Bag Recipe

  • Empty beacon bag is used to make portable beacons.

Portable Beacons:

Portable Beacons: Screenshot

(All images or screenshots are errors, so ignore them and it will never happen in gameplay)

A portable beacon is used to give the player that wears it or a nearby player effect but the player that wears it needs a lot of levels and it works on dynamic light.

Portable Beacon:

Portable Beacon: Screenshot

Effects and levels:

  • 5: Speed
  • 10: Haste
  • 12: Resistance
  • 17: Jump boost
  • 21: Strength

Upgrade Portable Beacon:

Upgrade Portable Beacon: Screenshot

Effects and levels:

  • 5: Speed II
  • 10: Haste II
  • 12: Resistance II
  • 17: Jump boost II
  • 21: Strength II
  • 25: Regeneration
  • 30: Water Breathing
  • 32: Fire Resistance

Upgrade 2 Portable Beacon:

Upgrade 2 Portable Beacon: Screenshot

Effects and levels:

  • 5: Speed III
  • 10: Haste III
  • 12: Resistance III
  • 17: Jump Boost III
  • 21: Strength III
  • 25: Regeneration II
  • 30: Water Breathing II
  • 32: Fire Resistance II
  • 35: Night Vision
  • 37: Conduit Power
  • 47: Health Boost

Required Experiments:

Required Experiments for Portable Beacon Addon

That is for all the features. Please download the addon and I hope you enjoy it. Wait for the update and donate to me if you want in Saweria.

Donate: https://saweria.co/bicraftoffi

Download links
Resource Pack[mcpack, 93.15 Kb]
Behavior Pack[mcpack, 69.88 Kb]
Supported versions
1.21.20 1.21.10 1.21.0
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