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Are you having trouble finding chunks in your world? Use this resource pack, which can display chunk borders and chunk coordinate information!

Show Coordinates needs to be enabled for the resource pack to work!

Show Coordinates: ON

Note: Because it requires the "Show Coordinates" option to be enabled, I don't think it can be used on servers that are not yours.

  • Default Subpack:

Default Subpack: Screenshot

  • Other Subpacks: (It is recommended to use GUI scale -1 (for mobile phone users) and is more suitable for keyboard users)

GUI Scale Modifier: -1

Other Subpacks: Screenshot 1

Other Subpacks: Screenshot 1


Edit variables in ui/_global_variables.json

Chunk Viewer Configuration File

Terms of Use

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Supported versions
1.20.80 1.20.70 1.20.60 1.20.50 1.20.40 1.20.30 1.20.10 1.20.0
  1. I just tried this out. This is amazing! And all done with JSON UI! It doesn't remove character creator skins!
    This is the first pack I've seen that doesn't modify player.entity.json to achieve a chunk border HUD!
    My only issue is that east is up and north is left, I think north should be up and east should be right. It's that way with locator maps so it's a bit confusing currently.
    1. I will fix it another time, because in the JSON UI there is a problem that you can only move it down and right, you can't move it left or up