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Slime in Minecraft has not so many uses. Do you want to expand its capabilities? With Slimecraft Addon, new ore, mobs, items, blocks and armor will appear in your world. And they all consist of slime!

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Use the recipe book to find out all the available recipes in this addon!

Slimecraft Addon with Recipe Book

New Mobs

Passive Slimes and Slime Cows will spawn in swamp biomes.

New mobs in the Slimecraft Addon

Passive Slime

  • Can be tamed with a Sticky Cookie
  • Drops: Slimeball (the color depends on the color of the Slime)

Passive Slimes won't attack you and can be tamed with a Sticky Cookie. You can ride a tamed Slime!

Passive Slime

Slime Cow

  • Use a Bucket to get a Bucket full of useless slime
  • Drops: Slimeball

Slime Cow

Crystalized Slime Ore

This new Slime ore can be found in Swamp biomes between -8 and -64.

Crystalized Slime Ores

You will get Crystalized Slime from this ore.

Crystalized Slime Ore and item

Melt the Crystalized Slime in the furnace to get the ingot.

Crystalized Slime into an ingot

Items & Tools

Sticky Cookie

  • You can eat it
  • Nutrition: 1
  • Effect: Jump Boost V (3 seconds)

Sticky Cookie recipe


They drop out of the Slimes (depending on the color), you can also craft them in the workbench using dye and vanilla slime. They don't have any functionality yet.

Slimeball items

Slime Sword

  • Damage: 11
  • Durability: 700

Slime Sword recipe

Slime Pickaxe

  • Damage: 2
  • Durability: 700

Slime Pickaxe recipe

Slime Armor

The new slime armor comes in 11 different colors. Get a jump boost effect by wearing slime boots.

Slime Armor and color variants

Slime armor has a similar crafting scheme as other vanilla armor.

Slime Helmet recipe

Slime Chestplate recipe

Slime Leggings recipe

Slime Boots recipe

You can color this armor using any of the 11 dyes.

Colored Slime Chestplate recipe

Slime Blocks

In the Swamps you can find Slime Piles. They're just for decoration.

Slime Pile blocks

The addon also has over 60+ new blocks: Vertical slabs, stairs, columns and much more! All of them can be crafted in the workbench.

New blocks in Slimecraft Addon

Slime vertical slabs stairs in the addon

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