More TNT Add-On | Adds 12 NEW types of TNT to your worlds!

Thumbnail: More TNT Add-On | Adds 12 NEW types of TNT to your worlds!

This add-on adds 12 new types of TNT (with more to come later). They can be acquired in both Creative and Survival. Some can be used as survival tools, while others can be used to troll friends, or create mass chaos, It's really up to you!

New TNT Types

All 12 types are listed below in the dropdowns, with their recipes and explosions!

New TNT Types

Warp TNT

Warp TNT randomly and sporadically warps around while lit, making the place it explodes quite surprising!

Warp TNT recipe

Using Warp TNT

Warp TNT

Drill TNT

Drill TNT drills a 3x3 hole downward into the ground, dropping block drops and xp orbs from the blocks it breaks on it's way down! (Can break any block except bedrock).

Drill TNT recipe

Using Drill TNT

Drill TNT

Fire TNT

Fire TNT is a little stronger than normal TNT, and leaves fire when it explodes!

Fire TNT recipe

Fire TNT explosion

Fire TNT block

Float TNT

Float TNT will float upwards slowly while lit, letting you bomb things above you! (You can even hit it to knock it around blocks that could block it from going up).

Float TNT recipe

Using Float TNT

Float TNT block

Mining TNT

Mining TNT breaks a large area around it, revealing ores and other precious things while mining! It also fills in water with ice and lava with obsidian, so they won't flow into your mining area. (Only breaks Stone, Deepslate, and Netherrack. Doesn't drop the blocks it breaks, as to not clog your inventory with unwanted blocks).

Mining TNT recipe

Mining TNT explosion

Mining TNT block

Chase TNT

Chase TNT will chase a nearby player while lit, making it a fun trolling device! (Can not be killed by normal means, you must escape it before it explodes if you want to live).

Chase TNT recipe

Using Chase TNT

Chase TNT block

Split TNT

Split TNT will split into 4 TNT blocks that it then flings away in 4 different directions when it explodes!

Split TNT recipe

Using Split TNT

Split TNT block

Fake TNT

Fake TNT looks like normal TNT, except when it explodes, it doesn't actually explode, and instead poofs out of existence, making it a fun thing to scare your friends with!

Fake TNT recipe

Using Fake TNT

Fake TNT block

Compressed TNT x9

Compressed TNT x9 is simply 9 blocks of TNT in 1 block. It combines the power of all 9 into 1 big explosion!

Compressed TNT x9 recipe

Compressed TNT x9 explosion

Compressed TNT x9 block

Compressed TNT x81

Compressed TNT x81 is simply 81 blocks of TNT in 1 block. It combines the power of all 81 into 1 huge explosion!

Compressed TNT x81 recipe

Compressed TNT x81 explosion

Compressed TNT x81 block

Compressed TNT x729

Compressed TNT x729 is simply 729 blocks of TNT in 1 block. It combines the power of all 729 into 1 enormous explosion!

Compressed TNT x729 recipe

Compressed TNT x729 explosion

Compressed TNT x729 block

Compressed TNT x6561

Compressed TNT x6561 is simply 6561 blocks of TNT in 1 block. It combines the power of all 6561 into 1 ultimate explosion!

Compressed TNT x6561 recipe

Compressed TNT x6561 explosion

Compressed TNT x6561 block


Remember to enable all the usual experimental settings on your worlds!

The 2 biggest explosions can require larger simulation distances and the biggest one may require multiple players loading it in different areas for the game to actually make the explosion the size it should be. The picture shown above is when only having one player load it from the explosion source.

Feel free to suggest more types of TNT below, and follow me on Twitter (@TheBombardYT) for future updates and more add-ons! :)

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