Vampire Craft - Thirst for blood! (v4.6-beta.1)

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Have you ever wanted to be a vampire? Now you can! The Vampire Craft addon is inspired by a famous java mod with the same theme. In it it is possible to transform into a vampire, drink blood, unlock various abilities, among other things. Only ours allows all this with the possibility of becoming a werewolf.

Vampire Craft - Vampires, Werewolves and Hunters

Vampire Craft - Vampires, Werewolves and Hunters

With this addon it is now possible to become the strongest being in all of Minecraft. So try what, in the opinion of many, is the best vampire and werewolf addon for Minecraft Bedrock.


The addon has unique mechanics to transform the experience of playing Minecraft like drinking blood... Unique mechanics for vampires, where he must drink blood to not end up dying of thirst.

Read more about this mechanic on our official wiki: https://wiki.sunrise-studio.site/addons/vampire_craft/features/#drink-blood

It is possible to transform into a vampire or werewolf using your fangs, which are dropped when you kill one of them... Wait 300 seconds and the transformation will be complete. After having already become a vampire or werewolf, it is possible to unlock skills at the blood altar and use them using the item that appears in the player's inventory at the end of the transformation.

See more about becoming a vampire: https://wiki.sunrise-studio.site/addons/vampire_craft/features/#become-a-vampire

See more about becoming a werewolf: https://wiki.sunrise-studio.site/addons/vampire_craft/features/#become-a-werewolf

See more about unlocking and using skills: https://wiki.sunrise-studio.site/addons/vampire_craft/features/#unlock-new-abilities


Black Forest

The black forest, is the new biome that the addon addon, in it at night has a great incidence of monsters and structure. A dangerous place, but with rewards that are worth the risk.


To answer questions, suggestions, problems or anything else, get in touch via the official Sunrise Studios Discord!

Mention @pedro_denovo and we will help you 👍

Addon Screenshots

Addon Screenshots

Empty Syringe Craft Recipe

Syringe Craft Recipe

Philosopher's Stone and Vampire Mage

Philosopher's Water Brewing Recipe

Cure Brewing Recipe

Structure 1

Structure 2

Blood Altar: Screenshot

Official Wiki Page

Read more about Vampire Craft on the official addon wiki page: https://wiki.sunrise-studio.site/addons/vampire_craft/


Thanks to nextplumestudio for the Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese translations.

Updated on July 13

  • The option to become a hunter has been temporarily removed
  • Vampires don't starve
Changelog History
v4.5 / June 25 / Old Update
  • It is no longer possible to suck (blood) iron golem
  • Some skill icons have been corrected
  • The flight api has been added directly to Vampire Craft
  • Added commands as function "god mod" (/function/god_mod/...)
  • Added animations to some skills
  • Added new particles
  • Added some sound effects for skills and actions
  • The "Bat Servants" skill now summons two bats that collect blood from nearby animals, but the skill costs blood
  • The "teleport" skill has had its maximum range increased to 60 blocks
  • Some skills have been reworked and are now passive
  • A new skill selection screen has been added
  • The tutorial book screen has been improved
  • The skill item is invisible in the hand
  • Night vision is reapplied faster when changing skills
  • The "Absorption" skill is more expensive to unlock
  • Blood particles have been updated
  • Correction to the skills "Cold touch", "More damage" and others
  • Correction to Vampire Sword and Werewolf Claw not spending
  • Fix for drinking blood directly from a mob not topping up the blood bar
  • Fixed player dying and blood bar not recharging
  • Correction to the text of the teleport skill





v4.5 / June 19 / Old Update
  • The minimum version of Minecraft to play has been raised to 1.21.0
  • New transformation particles have been added (when you become a bat and a werewolf)
  • The new flight system has been added
  • Turning on the Education Edition is now optional if you want to fly like the creative.
  • It is necessary to add the "New Fly System API" addon to the Vampire Craft (it already comes in the same .mcaddon as the Vampire Craft)
  • It is now possible to use the skill item in the air [fix]
  • Creepers no longer attack with the "undetectable" skill [fix]
  • Monsters no longer attack vampire and werewolf players [fix]
v4.4 / June 06 / Old Update
  • The minimum version to use the addon has been raised to 1.20.70
  • Armor is now compatible with werewolves
  • Coffin update
  • Correction to the Spanish translation of the blood altar
  • Correction to the “Bat Servants” skill
  • Correction to armor being visible when transforming into a bat
  • Correction to the player's werewolf transformation model
  • Correction to the milk de-transforming the vampire/werewolf/hunter player (now it only stops the transformation)
v4.3 / May 28 / Old Update
  • New coffins added
  • Added method for the player to stop being a hunter (Drink the philosopher's water)
  • Changes to the HUD
  • Portuguese and Spanish translation updated
  • Vampire thirst decreases faster
  • Garlic can be found in many places around the world
  • Hunters appear more at night and less during the day
  • Removed the "Dodge" skill
  • Corrected skill icons
  • Correction to vampire player not burning during the day
  • Correction to vampire, werewolf and hunter transformations
  • Correction to the garlic syringe craft
  • Updated recipes to be compatible with "Blocked recipes"
v4.2 / April 22 / Old Update
  • Minor changes to the werewolf model and texture
  • Correction of the bugged model in the player's werewolf transformation
  • Correction to vampire healing and werewolf healing
  • Changes from main.js to o.js to try and throw off Windows Defender
  • Vampire players can now moderate other human players
  • Decreased lag
  • Some blocks have been added to the creative
  • Correction to the reload altar
  • Correction to the eclipse ingot craft
  • The links in the description have been fixed
v4.1 / April 11 / Old Update
  • All missing items have been re-added
  • The addon biome has been temporarily removed
  • Fixed the werewolf transformation covering the screen
  • Correction to the werewolf paw
  • When the vampire dies, the bloodlust is reset
  • Change to the interface
  • Fixed not being able to drink the blood bottles
  • When the non-vampire player drinks blood, he becomes nauseous or poisoned
v3.4 / April 05 / Old Update
  • Added Vampire Sword
  • Added Werewolf Claws
  • Added the Recharging Altar
  • The Eclipse Ingot has been added: It can be made by mixing a sun stone ingot and a moonstone ingot.
  • Moonstone Ore and Sunstone Ore now appear in the mountains. (Above layer 127)
v3.3.1 / March 26 / Old Update
  • Reduced lags
  • Fixed unlocking skills only with items in the inventory
  • The beta.sunrise-studios.site domain was deleted
v3.3 / March 14 / Old Update
  • Vampire skills no longer can be bought with XP. Specific items are required. (All are obtained by killing vampires and hunters)
  • Werewolves skills no longer can be bought with XP. Specific items and sufficient are required. (The item can be obtained by killing hunters and the level by killing werewolves)
  • "Bat Servants" skill buff - The blood collection area has been increased to 10 blocks
  • Correction to the text of the teleport skill
  • Skills have been organized in order of price
  • New items added
  • Correction to the blood altar model
  • Vampire teeth and werewolf fangs are now stackable
  • Correction to werewolf levels
  • The spawn chances of vampires, werewolves and hunters have been lowered outside the dark forest biome (Except in the taiga biome).
  • Fixed download link (Now really, really fixed, lol)
v3.2 / February 28 / Old Update
  • Code optimization (to try to reduce lag)
  • New blood particle
  • New bite indicator
  • Lapids added again
  • Correction to the transparency of the black leave
  • Correction to the blood altar model
  • Correction to the blocks that break with a single blow
  • Improved blood thirst sprite
  • Special characters are no longer used as elements
  • Improved the blood drinker's ability: in addition to drinking twice as much blood, it now fills the bottle twice as much
  • Added automatic blood bottle filling system
v3.1 / February 15 / Old Update
  • Vampire bite indicator added
  • Maximum bite distance increased from infinity to 3.25 blocks
  • Fixed UI problem that caused Xbox, PS4 or etc. buttons to appear on the screen
  • Fixed crashes in the script
  • Fixed bug where addon environment reading entities didn't disappear (caused crashes due to too many mobs and not being able to place blocks)
  • It's no longer possible to bite hunters
v3.0.1 / February 13 / Old Update
  • Created Vampire Craft Expansion: It removes addon compatibility, but adds new things
  • Vampire Craft Expansion: Added tooth icon
  • Added particle when drinking blood
  • It is no longer possible to drink blood from monsters, werewolves and vampires
  • Correction to the extra damage of the stake and silver dagger
  • New coffin variations added
v3.0 / February 07 / Old Update
  • Fixed bat transformation
  • Fixed the priest running away from the hunter player
  • Fixed the werewolf and vampire transformation item in the inventory outside the head slot
  • Fixed the werewolf and vampire transformation items disappearing when taking damage
  • Fixed the "Waterproof" and "Rage" skills
  • Fixed addon blocks breaking too quickly
  • Vampires and werewolves take damage when they come into contact with water (Buy the "waterproof" skill to avoid taking damage).
  • Added compatibility and advanced option to addon's Resouce pack
v2.9 / January 26 / Old Update
  • New event - The red moon event has been added, during which monsters become stronger. (It will be explored further in the next update)
  • Error when entering the world - Fixed the error when entering the world (some blocks have been removed)
  • Small corrections to addon mobs
  • Script correction
v2.8 / January 02 / Old Update
  • Added a lot more content to being a hunter
  • Added the silver stake and dagger
  • Removal and addition of some vampire skills
  • Rebalancing of the werewolf’s chances of moving up a class
  • Corrected hunters for not holding their equipment
  • More content added to the tutorial book (I recommend reading it)
v2.7 / December 26 / Old Update
  • New werewolf classes added.
  • Added werewolf level to the player.
  • More content added to the tutorial book (I recommend reading it).
  • Correction to vampire and werewolf healing items with the education edition turned off (However, it is recommended to turn on the education edition).
  • Hostile addon mobs don't appear in peaceful mode
v2.6 / December 12 / Old Update
  • Improved compatibility: Changes have been made to correct problems with the blocks when using the addon in conjunction with others
  • Texture correction: quiver and priest's cassock have had their textures corrected
  • Correction to the transformation conflict: Correction to the bug that allowed transforming while a transformation was already taking place.
  • Improved texts: Improved the text of the addon book in particular
  • More informative book: Added information about the addon commands in the vampire craft book
  • New commands: New /function commands added for the general public to use
v2.5 / December 06 / Old Update
  • Correction to the black forest artificial biome - Correction and improvement to the spawning of mobs within the artificial biome
  • Improved spawning of addon entities in the world - The spawning of all addon mobs has been balanced
  • Correction to several skills - 6 skills have been corrected
  • Corrected the monsters attacking the vampire player - Now the normal minecraft monsters don't attack the vampire player and the undetectable skill now works
  • Added a guide book to the addon - When you enter the world for the first time you get a book with information about the addon
  • Coffins fixed - They now work in Minecraft 1.20.40
v2.2 / November 25 / Old Update
  • Improvement in the blood drinking system: Now you can suck blood from any entity that is in the mob family
  • It is possible to drink blood from players: Now it is possible to drink blood from players, this has a 20% infection rate
  • New "Dark environment" block: It is now possible to transform locations into artificial dark forest biomes (Test only)
  • Description replacement: To make it easier to keep the description up to date, everything previously available has been redirected to our official wiki.
v2.1 / November 07 / Old Update
  • Script updated for the new Minecraft version (1.20.40+)
  • Sun resistance fixes
v2.04 / October 10 / Old Update
  • Correction in the constant sound of entities taking damage
  • Correction in the blood altar
  • Script update for the new Minecraft version (1.20.31)
  • Update of various blocks for the new Minecraft version (1.20.31)
  • New particles added
v2.03 / September 13 / Old Update
  • Update on translation from English, Spanish and Chinese (traditional and simplified)
v2.02 / August 24 / Old Update
  • Vampires now take damage when exposed to daylight
  • New textures for the hunter
  • New texture for the coffin
  • New coffin added
  • Dark Crafting Table fix
  • New download link
  • Fix for the game crashing when drinking the cure for the vampire and werewolf
  • Fix for the issue that prevented vampire players from placing blocks while taking sun damage
  • Replacement of the Moon Curse with the Werewolf Fang
  • Replacement of the texture of the item that appears equipped when the player is in their werewolf form
v2.0 / July 22 / Old Update
  • Removal of player.json - Now Vampire Craft can be used in conjunction with several other addons
  • Decrease in transformation time - From 10 minutes to 5 minutes
v1.7.41 / July 14 / Old Update
  • Script update - The addon will only work on Minecraft 1.20.10
  • Fix on the blood altar - It is now filling up normally
  • Coffin added to the creative inventory
v1.7.4 / July 06 / Old Update
  • Addition of the new coffin
  • Correction of the dark crafting table texture
  • Correction of the black grass texture
  • New structures
  • Correction of some skills (vampire/werewolf)
  • Changes to the vampire thirst system - Now, if the thirst bar is at zero, the vampire can no longer use any abilities
v1.7.31 / June 18 / Old Update
  • All the IDs of items, mobs, blocks, etc. have been 100% translated into English. So, for example, sunrise:maldisao_lua is now sunrise:moon_curse
  • All the scripts have been updated to Minecraft 1.20
  • Correction of details in the description
v1.7.3 / June 04 / Old Update
  • Blood altar bug fix
  • Replacement of add: or pa: item prefixes with sunrise:
  • New script code (No more damage when using certain items)
  • Entity bug fix
  • Correction in the recipe for the syringe and garlic syringe
  • The addon will only work on version 1.19.80 or higher
v1.7.25 / May 31 / Old Update
  • Added the option to become a hunter.
  • Added selling items to the priest, if the player is a hunter.
  • Bug fixes reported on Discord.
  • Changes in the code.
  • Updated download link.
v1.7.22 / April 14 / Old Update
  • Adding Vampire Milk - allows canceling the transformation into vampire and werewolf.
  • Fix on the Blood Altar - When using items on it, they are consumed.
  • Infected bite - Now, when attacked by vampires or werewolves, the player has a chance to initiate the transformation.
  • Removal of old and unused codes.
v1.7.2 / March 09 / Old Update
  • New bat skin for flying skill
  • New translations added to the addon (Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese)
  • Timer fix to transform into vampire and werewolf
v1.7.0.1 / January 31 / Old Update
  • Fixed the bug that did not allow unlocking skills using armor
  • Increased the chance of the addon's biome appearing in the world
  • Increased the chance of addon entities appearing outside the dark forest
  • Werewolf and Vampire Mage loot fix
  • Increased Vampire health
v1.7.0 / January 23 / Old Update
  • Added animation for consumable items
  • Added healing for werewolf and vampire
  • Added a new type of vampire, the vampire mage who drops the philosopher's stone
  • Werewolf can now unlock skill by filling liver altar
v1.6.8 / January 06 / Old Update
  • New skill system, using API Script (New interface and method of unlocking skills).
  • It is no longer necessary to use the pillars, but they will be kept in the addon.
  • Now all skills work (remember to turn on Education Editon for fly)
  • Solved other bugs (Problems that made the game slow)
Download links
Download from CurseForge
Discord - Sunrise Community
Vampire Craft Wiki - Read more about the Vampire Craft
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  1. No avatar image Felix cooke
    Is there anyway to get rid of my vampire abilities because I want to be able to burn in the sun but I brought sun resistance and how do I get the environment vampirizer and I can’t find any of the structures and i downloaded it of MCPDL. How do I do/get/find this stuff
  2. No avatar image 3132
    Hi!i dont really understand the part with biomes,i can't find them
    and there's also no recepie for Environment Vampirizer
    also,wiki doesn't seems to work
  3. No avatar image 484pro
    does it work with 1.21?
  4. King profile avatar King
    Do I need to download other add-ons to this mod?
  5. LuxxyOh profile avatar LuxxyOh
    education edition need switch on experiment?
  6. Can you put a download addon option on here? thanks I'd appreaciate it.
    1. Sunrise profile avatar Sunrise
      Unfortunately I can't, I make addons for love, but unfortunately I need monetary support to keep making them.
      If you have any problems downloading, go to our discord and someone will help you.
  7. Smmuthy profile avatar Smmuthy
    I can't download it
    1. Sunrise profile avatar Sunrise
      If you haven't managed to do so, please join our discord and someone will help you
  8. E no sé si soy al único que le pasa pero cada vez que juego el vampiro craft con otros complementos el juego se me cierra me puede decir que pasa
    1. cómo lo descargaste yo no sé cómo xd
  9. Why doesn't the vampire transformation function activate? I already tried it many times with the vampire tooth but it doesn't work, I have to activate it manually for it to run
  10. Does it work on multiplayer servers?
  11. Thers a problem with the link for the download link it tacks you to a spam site
    1. D profile avatar D
      You need to click Download and close the opened site with ads, then wait, and you will be redirected to mediafire
      1. it isnt working,why cant people just use mediafire, instead of scamming people
  12. How to filled Altar Of Blood? I've tried everything but it won't

    Please help me...my mcpe version is 19.80
    1. D profile avatar D
      You need Blood bottle (4/4) to fill this Altar
      1. ok thanks but after that what should i do...

        I fill Altar fully but I can't get any skills or is there a separate method...please help

        Sorry for my bad English...
        1. Crystlu profile avatar Crystlu
          Yes after you fill it use the item which depends on if you're a werewolf or vampire, if you're a vampire then use the vampire tooth item on the blood altar after it's filled and if you're a werewolf then use the moon curse instead, both can be obtained by killing either vampire or werewolves. Note that you also need to have alot of exp like 40 exp to get even just one skill.
    2. Put blood in a glass bottle and right click it to put it in the altar