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This is a simple Add-On I've been working on for a week or 2 now, it is currently in an open beta phase so don't expect much, if you have any suggestions or want to report a bug to join my team's discord server, it will be linked below. Have you ever wanted a new companion added to Minecraft? Something not too small but also not too big, and something that's more chill than the other mobs? Well, this is just what this addon adds!


Here's a list of the addon's current features:


The capybara is lying

Capybaras can be found in Swamps or Mangrove Swamps, they will spawn in 4 different variants:

  • Regular
  • Albino
  • Red
  • Brown

Variants of Capybaras.

Main features:

  • Capybaras will randomly sit and lay down.
  • The Capybaras can be tamed using Oranges, Apples, and Golden Apples
  • Babies can be grown up using Orange Slices or Hay.
  • Capybaras can be bred using Melon Blocks (although I'm not fully sure if this feature is working yet).
  • You can also ride the Capybaras, and if you give them chests, you can store stuff in the Capybaras.

Saddled Capybara with Player

(Please don't sit on a Capybara in the real world)

Capybaras will also eat Grass, Tall Grass, Sea Pickles, and Seagrass.

Pet Capybara took damaged? No problem! They can be healed using Melon Slices.

Orange Trees

Orange Tree and Blocks

Orange trees can be found in Oak or Birch forests, they're small trees that will give you Orange Tree Saplings and Oranges, orange tree logs can be stripped and turned into stripped orange tree logs.

Orange tree logs can be crafted into Orange Tree Planks, which can be turned into an Orange Tree Slab.


Orange Item

Oranges are obtained by breaking the leaves of an orange tree, which will also give you an orange tree sapling

Orange Slices

Orange Slice Item

Oranges can be crafted into Orange Slices:

Orange Slices craft

Orange Slices & an empty bottle can be crafted into a Bottle Of Orange Juice:

Bottle Of Orange Juice craft

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CapyCraft .MCAddon[mcaddon, 262.18 Kb]
YHBG Teams mud hut
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