Vader's Expansion

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Vader's expansion adds a bit of everything you will find: new structures in your world, new mobs, bosses and new crafting tables. Some items require some grinding to make, but they are worth crafting. This addon also adds a new biome that generates!

This page describes only a small part, in the add-on you will find even more new!

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This biome (replaces the ice_plains) consists of Solid Water and Water Stone.

You can also find new Water Trees.

A village in Water biome

Water biome and Water Tree


New structures can be found in all three dimensions (Overworld, Nether and End).

Here are some of them.

World features


Overworld Mobs

Nether Mobs

End Mobs

Other mobs

Mini Flame Sword

It can be summoned by the Flame Sword boss.

  • Hostile
  • Health: 30
  • Damage: 5

Mini Flame Sword

Guard Golem

Use Guard Summon Staff to summon a Guard Golem.

  • Hostile
  • Health: 80
  • Damage: 10

Guard Golem


You can get Boss Summoning items on the Boss Crafting Table.


Here is some information about 9 new ores.

Crafting Tables




Also remember to enable Experimental Gameplay.

If you find any bugs tell me as well if you have any ideas for the addon you can put them in my discord server:



Class Update

  • added wooden summon staff
  • added iron musket
  • added stone summon staff
  • added iron summon staff
  • added gold summon staff
  • added diamond summon staff
  • added flame sword
  • added netherite summon staff
  • added summon guide staff
  • added water flame golem summon staff
  • added flame mini bricks and flame large bricks with cracked and mossy variants
  • added heartstone path
  • added void auto cannon
  • added void sword
  • added wooden healing device
  • added stone healing device
  • added iron healing device
  • added diamond healing device
  • added netherite healing device
  • added golden musket
  • added wooden stone summon staff
  • added void watcher summon staff
  • added charged amethyst shard
  • added solid milk
  • added storm essence
  • added cheese cat summon staff a supporter item
  • added supporter item crafting table for crafting supporter items
  • added candy biome
  • added red and green candy cane blocks
  • added poison steel ore
  • added diamond musket
  • added netherite musket
  • added cotton candy grass
  • added cake dirt
  • added electrum tools
  • added poison steel tools
  • added solid lemon soda
  • added cobalt musket
  • added magmaron musket
  • added elite copper, iron and gold zombies
  • added dragon fruit grow kit
  • added popsicle destroyer a supporter item
  • added gingerbread zombie
  • added upgrade table
  • added upgrades to acid tools
  • added bricks for each colour of dye
  • added electrumite musket
  • added ancient wood wolf can be tamed with bones and healed with sweet berries
  • added final excalibur
  • added true final excalibur
  • added jade musket
  • added sapphire musket
  • added topaz musket
  • added fused musket
  • added endaron musket
  • added jade and sapphire armour sets
  • added water guard summon staff
  • added forest guardian
  • added sword of the forest
  • added aqua berry grow kit
  • added sieve
  • added scrapper
  • added troll
  • added carrot, chicken pumpkin, and potato soup
  • added beef, mutton and porkchop stew
  • added golden melon, potato and chocolate
  • you can now harvest aqua berries like you do with sweet berries and they will grow back
  • changed a lot of recipes
  • changed some of the textures
  • added some structures
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